Friday, September 30, 2011

Social Butterfly Had Enough..!!


I've Been Accused Lately Of Being Less Caring.. Less Sharing And Almost Ranked COLD In My Social Life..!!!

Well To Be Honest I'm Not.. Maybe Lots Of You Think I'm A Social Butterfly Flying All Around Talking With Everyone.. Sharing Small Chats, Thoughts And Whatever.. But Hint Here Is Not With Everyone..!

Yup.. Don't Take It To0 Personal.. Or Start To Prejudge Me.. I Do Socialize With Everyone But There Are Limits In Every Relationship.. Plus I'm A Human I Have Life, Circumstances And Problems To Deal With.. I May Not Have The Time To Listen.. Or Make Compliment.. Or Let's Just Say Socialize..

And Of Course Those Who Are Accusing Me.. Have you Ever Considered The Way You Treat Me..?! Maybe I'm Pushing You Away Cuz You Already Did..! Make Sense Right..?!

And Those Who Only Contact Me When They Need Something.. I'm So Glad To Be Cold With You.. It's A Give and Take Relatioship.. And No I Won't Call You If I Need Anything.. So Don't Need You Around..!

And By The Way You Treat Me You Get Treated Back.. So Accuse Yourself first Before Accusing Others.. And If You Are Not Interesting In Me At The First Place.. Why Now..?!!!
So Stop It..!

And To Those Who Really Care But Don't Understand That Some People Sometimes Don't Wanna Talk.. Please Give Them Some Personal Space ( Alnas 3ndha '9rof ).. It Will Soon Go Away.. Inshallah :D

Sure I'm No Perfect I Have My Moments To0.. But Sharing With Me If I Treated You Bad Or Made Mistakes Is Better That Talk About It Behind My Back..

Finally I Don't Wanna Make It A Big Deal ( 3ogob shno :p ).. Few Words I Wanted To Let Out Of My System.. No Matter What You Do You Won't Please Everyone So WHATEVER..!!!!

I End This Post With One Golder Rule..

"  One Should Treat Others As One Would Like Others To Treat Oneself..! ''


  1. dont care of what all people think ^_^ do whats right and what your true fiends thinks

  2. Hathaa ely be9er thanks dear for ur sweet advice :***

  3. I totally relate to what you're saying. Some of my not-so-close-friends call me about once a year and their usual opening would be "I'm really mad at you! We haven't spoken in ages!"


  4. D: Exactly..!!! Don't Blame Me Before You Blame Yourself..