Thursday, September 8, 2011

26-Sep-2011 And The End Of The World...

Hello There..

I Got This Video Vis BB About  " Elenin Comet '' And It's Closer Path Near The Earth.. And Some People Assume That It Might Be The End Of The World.. Only God Knows..
Check It Out..

3asa Allaah ya7f'9na Mn Kel Shar
P.s: ( Sorry About The Title Just For Attentin Purpose ;p )


  1. well we all know its not the end of the world but am sorry his theory does make sense! i mean the gravity of the moon effects the sea water ( mad o jazer ) fama balich mothanab kebeer !?

    so all i can say .. el3elm 3end allah , o allah e7afethna :)

  2. im sorry but i didnt see the video because i get worried fast (allah ya7fthna) bas nil quraan allah said aw i think bil 7adith ina gal the world will end in one of the fridays and 26 of sep i9adif a monday just to let you know allah knows better than this man

  3. RED_SONJA_Q8 : Exactly.. It's May Have A Huge Effect On Earth..
    Allaaaah Al7af'9

  4. Anonymous: He didn't say About The end Of The world.. He Was Explaining That It May Have Effect On Earth.. Only God Knows What's Gonna Happen.. And I Wrote That Tilte Chthy As I Said At The end It's For Attention :D
    Allah y7fa'9na mn kel shar

  5. stupid only good can know v ry stupid wake up all

  6. Anonymous : No Need To Call Anyone stupid when yet u r not that smart !!
    Guess u just didn't read the words i wrote
    Of course only god knows who said otherwise ?!!!

  7. If this theory is correct....the elenin must have been seen in the sky long back.....Its now too late....ITS JUST ANOTHER HOAX>>>>>>

  8. Anonymous: Ok It's just A Video About A Man Explaining A Theory.. No One Said It's True Or Not..!!

  9. LOOOOOOOOL wallah omneyat 7ayate eni ashoof wayha now X''''D