Thursday, December 15, 2011

@VoteQ8 Kuwait's Democracy Have Future..!

Hello There..

First Of All I Have No Political Interest What So Ever.. But I'm So Fed Up With The Political Circus That's Going On In Kuwait.. So I Do Believe That Next Time We Vote.. Our Votes Will Effect This Political Instability.. Infact We May Do Better By Choosing Who We Believe Is The Best..

Anyway I Received A Tweet From A Friend To Check A Site..

And I Finally Had The Time To.. And I Really Liked The Idea.. You Can Visit The Site : Here

The Bottom Line @VoteQ8 Is Project By Kuwaiti Youth That Believe In Transparency For Their Country..

The VoteQ8 Platform Provides A Transparent Space For People To Report The Elctoral And Democratic Process In Kuwait:
You Can Send Reports Annoymosuly To The Website Via:
- The Webite Directly ( )
- Send An Short Text Message (SMS) To 94054494
- Tweet With The Hashtag #voteQ8
- Email ( Reports[at] )


  1. عندي سؤال.. ليش كاتب البوست بالانجليزي؟!!؟

    الانتخابات راح اتصير بالكويت مو امريكا

  2. Anonymous: Wallah It's My Blog O akteb bllanguage ely ta3jbni !! o law dashait/ dashaitai allink maktob nafs alkalam bl3arbi