Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Belong Here For Now..

Hello There..

Well, I Had This Thought When We Were Driving Back Home.. Specially When I Saw Downtown's Towers In Ohio.. I Realized How Now I Fit In This City.. And Almost Everything Around Me Is More Familiar Than It Was Before..

It Really Wasn't Easy.. After Almost 2 Months I'm Now More Attached To The Place Than I Was Before.. Sure I Felt Homesick And Wanted To Come Back Home To " Kuwait ".. I Still Do.. But I Thank God That Now I Found Comfort Here Just To Help Me Hang On Till I Get Back..

I Know I'm Really Having Mixed Feelings Right Now I Wanna Go Home So Bad.. But Still I Started To Love The Place Here..!! So Messed Up LoL

But I Gotta Say It.. " Ohio Is Part Of Me.. "

I Love Traveling But For Short Periods Only.. But For More Than 2 Months And For Medical Purpose It's Kinda Hard.. Bs Al7mdallah 3ala kel 7al..

Thank God Everything Is Going Well.. Hope It Do For A longer Time :D ..

Anyway My Point Here Is When You Are Facing A New Thing.. New Challenge.. New Anything.. Just Give It Some Time Till You Get Used To It.. Give It Some Time Till You Get It.. Give Yourself Time And You May Just Like It Or Hate It.. Who Knows.. Just Give It Some Time.. And A Chance.. Just Don't Rush Into Things And Dont' Rush Into Conclusions.. The Begining Is Hard But The Fun Is In The Middle..!


  1. yalla nshallah u'll get ur degree & come back home :***

  2. '
    you're right we should give things time before we start judging it may be the opposite of what we thought in the first place ..

    PS : i miss youuuuuu <3

  3. swera: I'm not here for studying but for medical checkups for sis.. but thanks anyway :***

  4. مَرْيَم أَشْكَنَانِي: Exactly girl !!
    miss u to0 waaaainch m5tafyaa :// ?!

  5. You are totally right , I told you enna you will go through phases .. enjoying the place , homesickness , making fun of the place then loving the place . So el7amdella you are ok now ^_^

  6. iMaGiNaTiOn: yeah I guess what i'm going through is so normal :D hehe thanks a lot for standing by my side bro

  7. Of course Ohio is part of you ohio ;D .. el7mdella it's feeling better & enshallah it all turns out well ^_^

  8. Hadi: Inshallah yaraaab.. thanks a lot for supporting