Tuesday, December 25, 2012

BeRo0Q8's 2nd Blogiversary !

Hello World..

Today My Blog Turned 2 years Old.. Never Thought I'd Come This Far In Blogging Though I Was Lack In Posting And Writing This Year.. But I'm Hoping To Get Back To What I Love Most Which Is " Writing "..

It's Always My Choice To Escape To The Deepest Ocean Of My Thoughts.. It's Always My Choice To Express What I've Been Through By Writing.. It's Always My Choice To Share #ThatsOnMyMind Thoughts Whether They Get Into You Or Not..

I Once Hoped That My Thoughts Somehow Touch You, Feel You Or Inspire You.. And Still Hoping...

I Once Dreamed Of Having Something Of My Own To Leave Behind.. And Somehow I'm Glad I Have My Blog..

Thanks To Everyone Who Was, Still And Will Be In My Life.. You Are The True Inspiration Behind My Words & Thoughts..

Wishing You A great Year Ahead.. A Great Times To Come..

Ooh .. And Merry Christmas For Everyone Celebratimg Today..

And Happy 2nd Year Birthday My Dear Blog " BeRo0Q8 '' ..

With All The Love My Heart Can Handle..

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Happiness Worth Waiting For....

Hello There....

Had Few Ups And Downs Lately.. But I Managed To Understand The Pleasure Of Being Up After You've Been Down For So Long..

Nothing Is Ever That Easy.. Nothing Is Never That Hard...!

The Desire To Have Whatever You Want.. And Doing Whatever You Can To Reach it Even By Only Wishing.. Then Once You Fail To..

You Just Crash Down And Be So Disappointed, And It May Hurt You From Within.. You May Keep Trying.. You May Just Give Up..

But You Should Never Forget That An Unexpected  Wish Is About To Happen.. That All The Hurt, All The Pain And All The Disappointment Was So Worth Going Through.. As Long As The Full Of Happiness Rush Is Tingling Within Every Beat Of Your Heart..!!

This Is How I Feel Right Now.. And Thought Of Sharing.. Al7mdallah For Everything..

Little Thoughts By,