Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Bad Day...


So I Really Feel Kinda Bad And Not In A Mood To Do Anything .. ( Mt'9ayga 7eel :( )

Don't Have Other Thing To Say..

P.s: ( Even When You Feel Bad.. Some Will Hit You With Words.. Just Don't Let Them Let Them Feel Sorry For What They Do.. You Have Enough To Feel Bad About.. ! )

Let The Madness Begin.!!.

Hello Everyone..
How Are You All..?!

Really Missed Ya..

It's Been Really A Busy Week.. It Passed So Fast Mashallah And What Helped Is That I Was Very Very Busy.. Shopping And Planning For My Sister's Graduation Party ( Allah Ytamemha Ya Rab 3ala Khair )

It's Getting Crazy Wallah.. There's A lot To Prepare For.. But The Good News Is I'm Spending Alot Of Time With Mom And My Whole Family ( Al7mdallah ).. The Only Thing That Is Bad Is The Weather.. Really It's Very Hot ( Mo Mal Mshaweer Kelsh..! )
Maybe I'm Posting Less And Didn't View Most Of My Fav. Blogs For Sometime.. Bs Inshallah I Will.. I'm Still Tweeting That's Good Right :P

P.s :( Missing Can Make You Value Things You Really Care About :D )

Me And My Shell..!


This Is A little Story I Wrote.. Hope You Like It..

" I've Always Been Inside That World Of Mine.. In A Shell That I Called Mine.. My Shell Was Protecting Me, Myself And I From The World Of The Unknown.. A World Can No Longer Hold Me Or Handle My Thoughts.. A World No Longer Can See Who I Am.. That's Why I Was Away From Everything That Relates Me To That Unknown World..!

I Was Safe In My Shell.. But I Was So Alone.. And Everytime I Think About Going Out I Feel Scared To Step Out The Door.. I Wanted To Go And Face The World.. But Yet I Was Afraid It Won't Accept Me, Understand Me Or Even Look At Me.. And Of Course I Was So Afraid From Getting Hurt..But What Made Me Relieved Is I Always Thought Getting Hurt Is Better Than Feel Nothing At All..!

Don't Think Of Me As A Self-centered Girl.. Well It's Been Along Time Since There's Only Me To Care About.. That's Why I Want to Go Out.. And Release The Butterfly In Me.. Travel In This World's Features And Feel Free Again.. To Connect And Get Connected With Whoever I Meet.. To Laugh And See A World I've Always Imagined And Always Missed..

But That Was An Imaginary World That I Lived In..And It's And Imaginary World That I Believed Exist..A World Where Being Me No Longer Appreciated.. A World Where Thinking Only About Youself Is An Accomplish Itself..!

And Yes I Got Hurt.. And Regretted The Time I Decided To Go Out.. So I Got Back To My Shell.. Which Accepted Me With No Sorrow That I Left It Before.. And It Hugged Me To Make Me Feel Safe.. And It Hugged Me Even Tighter To Take Away That Pain.. Now I'm Back To My Shell.. Where I Know I'm Safe And Always Will..! "

A Short Story By Me..

P.s : ( No Matter Where We Go.. There's Always Someone, Something We Leave Behind Waiting For Us To Come Back..! )

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Feeling I Once Had..


I Was Going Through My Stuff.. And Found A Piece I Wrote Few Words In It..
The Amazing Part Was The Feelings Shared On That Piece  Of Paper Are The Same Feelings I Feel Now.. Though I Wrote It Few Years Ago..

" I Just Feel Bad About Myself..
  I Feel Like I'm Not Me Anymore..
 Or At Least Not The One I Used To Be..
 Maybe I Just Need Some Rest..
 So I Can Come Back And Do My Best..
 Cuz Deep Inside I Know I Can Accomplish..
 Anything I Want..
 But Sometimes You Need To Stop And Think..
 Then You May Realize What You Have..
 And What You Want To Have..
 But Will You Still Want What You Got..?!
 Or Will You Follow Your Dreams..?!
 But No Matter What You Choose..
 It's Already Been Written For You..!! "

Few Words By Me..

Random Words.. Express A Feeling I Once Had.. Maybe It's Not Bad.. But Finding This Paper Made Me Realize How I Love Writing Since I Was Young.. Hope I Don't Get Lazy Again And Stop..

P.s : ( Maybe We Experience Feelings At Some Point Of Our Lives.. And Then We Move On.. But There Will Come Another Time To Feel Them Again.. And This Only Means.. We Can Survive And We Can Forget..! )

Little Happy Tear..!

Hello Everyone...

Today.. Is A Day To Remember.. A Day I Will Never, Well Me And My Family Will Never Forget.. Because In " 26-June-2011 ".. We Got The Most Amazing News.. We We're All Waiting For This Whole Year..

My Little Sis Graduated From High School With A Good GPA ( Al7mdallah Ya Rab ).. Ma'9a3 Ta3bha..

We Were So Scared And Worried Before Getting The News.. And The Whole Internet Sites That Has The Results On Were Very Busy.. Until My Sis's Best Friend Called Her And Shared The News With Us..

It Was A moment Of Tears Mixed With Happines.. And Of course A Huge Relief.. ( Al7mdallah Ya Rab )..

The Lovely Part.. We Weren't Only Happy With Her Success.. We Were Also Happy With Everyone Who Congratulated Us.. And Who Came To Our House Just To Share Those Happy Moments.. Really Was A Nice Evening With Family Members.. ( Mashkoren o Mag9rtaw :** )

Still Can't Believe That Her Next Year Inshallah Will Be In College.. She's Still And Always Will Be My Little Sis..

So Sis.. Today You Just Finished A 12 Amazing Years As A Child, And As A Teenager.. But Now You Are Considered As A Young Adult..

With This End.. A Bright Start.. Comes With A Huge Responsibility.. This Is When Your Future Begins.. Choose Wisely.. And If You Need Anything Don't You Ever Ever Be Afraid To Ask..

You Will Make Mistakes Along The Way.. But This Won't Let You Down.. Cuz It's A lesson To Learn.. You'll Get Disappointed.. And Feel Down.. But I Promise You This Will Not Last..

The Best Part Is.. You'll Start To Become The Woman You Always Dreamed To Be.. And Ofcourse No More Uniforms :P ( Let's Burn That Blue Dress :P )..!!

And For Now Enjoy Your Summer Vacation.. And Hope You Will Be Ready For Your College Life ( Inshallah )..

Love You Sis.. And I'll Always Be There For You No Matter What Happens ( Inshallah )..

Friday, June 24, 2011

Talk To Yourself..

Hello Everyone..

Recently.. I Was Talking To A Friend Of Mine.. Who Seemed Disturbed By Something.. But Couldn't Know What Was Bothering My Friend.. Cuz My Friend Isn't The Type Of Person Who Share His/Her Problems.. My Friend Keeps What Disturb Him/Her Inside.. And Keep On Collecting Those Disturbing Stuff Over Time.. And Explode At The Very Last Minutes Over A Silly Reason..
( Do You Find Youself Like My Friend..?)

Anyway.. Even Though My Friend Tried To Talk About It.. But He/She Couldn't.. Cuz You Can't Just Change A Life Long Habit Over A Night..!

Sometiems Talking To Others Whom You Trust Or Who You Consider Close To You Helps.. Not Only You Reveal What's Bothering You Or Taking It Out Of your System.. You May Find A Solution.. They May Also Make You Feel Better..

But If This Is Hard On You.. You Can Always Talk To Yourself..!

No I'm Sure About What i'm Writing.. Yeah I'm Not An Expert.. But Talking To Yourself Isn't That Bad.. Actually When You Think About It.. When A Thought Cross By Your Mind.. It's Actually Shared Between You And Yourself..

Let's Talk About When You Are Prepared For Bed For Example.. Once You Put Your Head On The Pillow.. You Start Remembering Your Whole Day.. And This Time When You Realize What You Did Wrong.. And What You Forgot To Do.. What Good Thing You Did.. This Whole Thing Is Between You And You..

So When You Say Within You " What Did I just Do..?! " , " Is This Good..?" , And Whatever Sort Of Question You Have..  You Are Asking Youself..

I'm Not Telling You To Create A Whole New Identity .. But Be More Comfortable To Be Your Own Best Friend.. No One Can Be More Honest To You More That Yourself..

So When You Fail To Share What's Bothering You With Others.. Feel Free To Share It With Yourself..
Go Ahead Google It.. You'll Find It Normal.. And Alot Of People Do It..!

P.s : ( I'm Not An Expert.. But I Think It's Ok To Talk To Youself.. It's Only A Problem When You Talk To Yoself And Don't Know Who You Are Talking To.. !! Beside What I'm suggesting Here Is More Thinking And Talking Between You and Yourself (Internally) More Than Talking To Yourself In Public :P )

Guess Who's Me :P ?!!

Hello Guys..

My Fellow Bloggers " 7ajiDude " Decided To Start A Very Cute And Funny Competition.. Which Is to Guess The Blogger's Baby Pics.. And The Pics Are So Cute.. Funny.. And Lovely..

It's Very Hard Since I Didn't Meet The Bloggers In Person.. But As I Said.. It's All About Guessing.. Having Fun.. And Bringing Bloggers Together..

Great Idea Guys.. Keep It Up As You Always Do..

And Good Luck For Gussing My Baby Pic :P

The Post Link Here..  You Can Guess To0

P.S: ( There's Alot Of Cuteness There.. But I'm A Cute Baby To0 .. So Good Luck :D )

Big Thanks To You..

Hello There..

This Is For My New Friend " M6foog " .. He Was Working Hard On His Last Post " Who To #FF On Twitter..?! "

Though I Only Knew Him For A Short Period.. It Did Surprised Me That He Mentioned Me As One Of The #FF As A Blogger ( Though I'm Kinda Bad Blogger )

Really M6foog Thanks alot For This Nice Post.. And For Putting Me Next to Amzaing Bloggers That I Look Up To.. And Keep It Up.. You Can Check The Post : Here And M6foog's Blog : Here

P.s: ( Always Aiming high Never Look Down.. M6foog's Tip :D Thanks Man )

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girl In The Mirror...

Locked Herself In Her Room.. Thinking.. Distracted From Everything But Herself.. When You Look At Her.. She's Nothing But A Shallow Girl.. Self-centered.. Nothing Matters As Long As Her Only Lonely World Is At Peace..

Who Cares About Global Warming When She Think She's The Hottest Person On Earth..! Who Cares About World's Starvation Increased Rates When She Starve Herself To Keep In Shape..! Or Who Even Cares About Animal Testings When She Got All The Expensive Cosmetics That She Needs.. In Smaller Words.. The World Is All About Her..! She's All Happy With What She Have..

She Was Looking At Herself At The Mirror.. Smiling.. Suddenly.. A Tear Started To Drop.. Her Smile Slowly Disappeared.. She Stared Back At Her Reflection.. Couldn't Take It Anymore Looked Down Covered Her Face With Her Two Hands And Started To Cry Hysterically..

" What's Wrong Dear, What's These Tears Are All About..?! " A Voice Came Next To Her.. She Didn't Bother To Look.. She Raised Her Head And Looked Back At Herself In The Mirror Again.. Answering: " *Deep Sigh* This Girl Is No Longer Me..! "

The Voice Replied: " No It's You.. Sure Some Things Changed.. But It Is You.." , " Well, I Don't Love The New Me.. It's Like I'm Covering My Reality And Pretending To Be Someone I Can Never Be..! " She Answered..

She Continued.. " And No One Would've Love Me If I Didn't Change The Way I Look.. I Now Have Friends That I Can't Count In My Two Hands Before I Only Had Two.. " .. Took A Deep Breath In.. And Said: " More People Smile At Me.. And More Are Talking To Me Now.. More People Care To Look At Me.. ".. Then The Little Voice Next To Her Interrupted: " That's Good, Isn't That What You Always Wanted..?!"

Had A Moment Thinking For A Bit And Said In Uncertain Way.. " Yeeeaah.. But.. I.. I Wanted Them To Love As I Was Before.. But No They Love Me Now..! " The Voice Replied Back : " So You Admit That You Changed Yourself Just To Please Other People Other Than Yourself..?!" That's When She Answered: " Although This Sound Bad When You Said It.. But Yes That's What I Did... "

" Then You Got To Blame No One But Yourself.. You Shouldn't Change Who You Are Just To Make Other Accept You..!" The Voice Said..  That's When She Laughs And Say : " This World Is So Fake.. So I Won't Fit If I'm Not Fake..! "

" Now Wait A Minute.. Don't Start To Blame The Fake World.. Even If The World Is Fake You Weren't Have To Change.. Maybe You Saw Those Changes May Help Your Life A Little Bit.. There's No Harm In That.. It's Still You With Few Changes.. Your Memories.. You Interests.. Your Family And Friends.. Are All Here Within Your Heart.. And If You Didn't Accept Youself The Way You Were.. And The Way You Are.. And The Way You'll Become.. Who Else Would..?! "

The Voice Continued Without Giving Here The Chance To Reply: " Sure We Change Over Time.. But These Changes Were Made By You.. If You Loved Who You Are From The First Place.. Those Changes Wouldn't Let The Real You Disapper Over Time.." She Smiled After Hearing That.. And Took Make Up Remover Tissue.. And Started To Remove Her Make Up.. After All This Crying Her Face Started To Look Like A Clown.. And Said : " You Are Right.. It's Not About The Make Up.. Or New Clothes.. New Friends.. New Attitude.. Or Even The New Me.. As Long As These Changes Improve The Real Me And Not Taking It Away That's What Matter..! "

After Removing All The Make Up.. She Looked At Herself And Smiled.. Looked Beside Her There Was No One There.. That's When She Realized She Was Talking To The Real Her.. Or Let's Just Say Herself..!

You Only Looked At Her.. You Just Didn't Look Bryond Her..!

The End..

P.s:( Don't Be Afraid Of Making Some Changes As Long As They Add To You Not Take From You..! )

A Short Story By Me..
Hope You liked It..

It's Not Goodbye..!

This Song Is On My Mind Since Morning.. It's One Of My Favorite Songs..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Added To Botama..!

My Blog Is Officially Added To Botamba :

And When I Checked I Was Surprised To See This :D

YaaaY... This Means From Now On I Will Be More Responsible With What I Write In My Blog..
Thanks Botamba.. And To Readers Of My Blog For Giving Me Some Of You Time :D

P.s: ( No P.s Today :D )

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Picture In Her Wallet..!

It Was Such A Nice Evening.. Whe She Decided To Buy Some Doughnuts.. Drove Her Car.. All Alone..
Listening To Her Favourite Music.. Escaping From Reality To Deep Inside Her Thoughts.. Dreaming But She's Still Awake.. Didn't Care Who's Looking.. Who's Following.. Who's Judging.. This Is Her Ride And All What She Want Is To Have Fun..!

And When She Arrived To Her Destination.. Parked Her Car.. Took A Moment After The Music Was Switched Off.. It's Time To Get Back To Reality.. The Doughnuts Shop Was Kinda Crowded And She Had To Wait For A Little While To Get Served..

And While Waiting.. She Was Staring At Doughnuts Wondering What Will She Choose.. And While That She Felt Like Someone Was Staring.. But Not On Doughnuts But On Her..!!

She Took A Quick Look To That Staring Eyes.. And Ther He Is A Tall Guy With A Smile On His Face.. Like He Knew That She Will Look Back At Him.. She Smiled And Turend Her Head Away..  And She Was Thinking: " What A Charming Moment.. Aah.. "

He Wasn't Alone Though He Was With One Of His Friends.. Chatting Together Yet His Eyes Didn's Look Away From Her.. On The Other Hand She Didn't Care After That Charming Moment.. Cuz She Knows There Is Nothing More to Happen With That Person..!

She Ordered Her Doughnuts.. And Opend Her Wallet To Pay.. He Was Standing Behind Her.. And While She Was Paying He Notice A Picture Of Her In The Wide Frame Inside Her Wallet.. And He Surprised And Said: " Wo0w You Sure Love Yourself So Much..!! "

She Was Completly Shocked to What She Just Heard.. And Froze In Her Place.. Didn't Know What To Say Or Do.. Frozen From The Outside.. But Burning And Furious From The Inside..! Not Only He Violated  Her Privacy By Looking Through Her Wallet.. But Also Was so Rude To Make Such A Harsh Judgment Based On What He Only Saw..!

She Woke Up From Those Frozen Moments And Stayed Calm She Knew She Can Ignore Him An Leave.. But She Just Had To Do Something.. So She Payed For Her Doughnuts.. And Then Turned Around To Him And Said: " You Don't Have The Right To Judge Me.. And Who Said That I Even Care..?!! ".. He Replied : " Ooh Then Why You Are Telling Me This..?! " He Was Happy With His Reply Almost Felt Like He Accomplished A Victory.. When She Smiled At Him And Said: " By The Way The Picture You Saw Was For My Twin Sister Who Died 3 Years Ago.."

She Dropped That As A Nuclear Bomb On Him And Moved Away.. He Was Shocked And Ashamed Of Himself.. How Did He Allowed Himself To Judge A Girl He Barely Knew.. How Could He Judge Her And Hurt Her Like That.. and What Hurt Him Even More That His Judgment Was Wrong..!!

He Knew He Needed To Do Something.. An Apology Maybe.. Anything Just To Fix His Huge Mistake..
He Excused His Friend And Ran After Her.. She Was Walking In The Parking Lot Heading To Her Car.. He Called Her Over: " Hey. Please Wait..! ".. She Ignored Him And Kept Walking.. He Shouted: " Please Wait.." She Looked At Him And Said:  " Yes.. Other Judment In Your Mind That I Missed..?! ",  He Said While Catching His Breath: " Please Don't Say That.. I.. I'm Really Sorry For That.. I Didn't Know Honestly..! " .. She Said:  " Exactly..You Didn't Know So Don't You Dare To Judge Anyone Before Putting Yourself In Thier Shoes..! " He Replied: " I'm Sorry..Really I Am.. I Was So Stupid....." She Smile ( Evil Smile ) And Said: " Good.... "

She Turned And Start Walking Away.. Leaving Him With His Guilt.. Looking Down Regreting What He Did.. She Suddenly Stopped And Started Laughing Loud.. He Looked At Her Strangely.. " Why In Hell She Is Laughing Now..?! " He Asked Himself..

She Turned At Him And Said: " Sorry But Someone Had To Teach You A Lesson.. And It Was Tempting To Make All This Up...." He Replied In A Shocking Voice: " Whaaat..?!! " She Said: " Really Sorry.. But You Made Two Mistakes Judging Me Without Knowing The Truth.. And Believing Me Even Though You Didn't Really Knew Me..! Beside Who Doesn't Love Himself..?! "

And She Left Leaving Him Speachless.. Thinking About The Lesson He just Learned From A Stranger.. Or The Fact That She Also Pranked Him.. But He Kept Looking At Her With A Smile.. " I Misjudged Her Yet She Was The Bigger Person And Gave Me A Lesson.. What A Girl.. So Sorry.... "

The End..

P.s:(  Just Dont Prejudge Anyone And Don't Let Other People  Teach You That You Teach  Yourself First..! )

A Short Story By Me Hope you Liked It :D

I Was Inspired..!

Hello Everyone..

I Love To Write.. I Love To Compose Words.. Express My Thoughts.. But Sometimes I'm Too Lazy To Do It.. I Got Lots Of Ideas And Stories To Write.. But As I Said.. Lazy Lazy Lazy.. :D

But Lately I Was Inspired By A Girl She's My Firend @iiEsperanza ( hope You don't mind Me Calling you My Friend ;p ) Who Is A Great Writer It's True That I Knew Her For Only A Little Time But she's Nice.. And The Other Day She Wrote A Short Story.. I Loved How Simple Yet Still Mysterious That Story Was,, But She Let Me Feel It And Live It..!

So Thanks To You For Inspiring Me  To Write Again.. And Guys I'm Gonna Write so Be Completly Honest If I'm Good Or Not..!
I Can Handle The Truth So Don't Worry About Me.. :D

P.s : ( Esperansa I wrote This Post Just To Say Thanks for Inspiring Me.. And you Deserve This simple Thing to Write About you :D )

You Can Run.. You Can Hide.. But You Can't Escape My Love..!!

Hello ..

Wierd Tittle Right..?!
Anyway.. Yesteday Was Friday.. So I Guess If You Are A Twitter Person You Will Understand What #FF Means.. And For Who Are Not Fimiliar With It.. It Called Follow Friday.. Where You Suggest Who You Think A Great Tweep Who Deserve To Be Followed..

Anyway I Was Doing That Yesterday It Was Totally Madness.. Cuz Had Lots Of People Who Really Deserve It.. And Sorry For That Followers.. It's Just The Thing Is.. I Had This Thought When I First Started My Twitter Account..

I Was First Inspired By A Blogger.. And Created My Twitter Account Then My Blog.. But At First I Wanted My Twitter World To Be Completely Apart From My Real One.. Didn't Know Why At First.. But Then.. I Really Wanted To Know If Am I Able To Have Friends And Start From The Beginning.. And Al7mdallah I Started To Have Amazing People Around Me.. And I Was Sure I Was Able To Have Friends Even Though Nothing Unite Us But Words..!

That's When I Decided To Combined My Real World With My Virtual World.. And It Went Great.. The Reason Why I'm Writing This Is Cuz I'm A Very Shy Person In Real Life.. I Wouldn't Make Such A Big Number Of Friendships.. It's True I Have Few Best Friends.. But Now I Don't I Have Alot Al7mdallah.. So I'm Not Only Proud Of Me For Being Able To Have You Guys.. But I'm Also Glad That I Got The Chance To Know You All..

" Dear Tweeps.. We May Only Have Been Connected By Words.. But Words Are Powerful.. They Get Us Through The Walls Surounding Our Personalities.. So Thanks For Being My " Friends By Words "..! "

And My Real Friends In Real Life.. I Will Never Take You For Granted And You That..!

You All Were There When I Needed You The Most.. So Whether You Like It Or Not.. I Love You All.. *Big Hugs* You Really Make My Life Easier And Make Me Realize How Life Is.. And You Make Me The Person I'm Today.. 3asa Allah y5alekom Ley o lay7rmni Menkom :**

And Those Words For Old and New Friends.. Luv Ya All <33 :**

P.s: ( If You Think You Are A Friend Of Mine,, Those Words Will Mean Something To Ya..! So It Could Be You Who I'm Writing About.. :D Luv You Guys Ya 3asani Man7rem :D )

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Much Are You Willing To Give..?!!

Hello Everyone..

The Tittle Was A Draft For A While.. And When I Thought About It I Realized.. Giving Isn't Only About Material World.. Now I'm Not An Expert In Categorising " GIVING ".. But All I Know Is How We Give Each Day Without Knowing..!

Even A Smile For A Stranger Consider As Giving.. I'd Love To Think About It As Giving A Peice Of Your Soul.. Don't Get Wrong.. You Are Not Giving Away Any Part Of Who You Are.. You Like Spreading The Goodness Inside You In Someone Else's Soul...

So As Giving Away A Toy, Food, Colthes, Money Or Anything Is Because You Give Them To Someone Who Needs Them Or Just Because You Want To..! But Some People Don't Need That.. Some People Only Want Respect.. And Some Want Care, Love, Hug, Friend, And Some People Want Nothing From You So Give Them Something Which Is Letting Them Live In Peace..!

You Can Think About It And You'll Realize You Give A lot Through Ur Day Without Knowing.. And Each Little Thing You Do Has An Effect On You.. And What's Around You..

But What Make It Hard Is Giving So Much Without Recieving Any.. That's When You Ask Youself " How Much Am I Willing To Give..?! "

You Don't Need Anything In Return For Being Who You Are.. If You Are A Truely Giver.. Don't You Ever Expect Anything In Return.. If You Get Something It's Ok.. But If You Didn't Don't Let That Break You..!

And Always Remember: " You Get The Best Out Of Others.. When You Give The Best Of Yours..!" By Harvey S. Firstone 

So Don't Ask How Much I'm Willing To Give.. Always Ask " What More Can I Give..?! "

P.s :( So Always " Give You Heart Out.. It Might Be Someone Else's New Start..!" )


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So It's Now Official..

Hello Everyone..

Today My Dad Told Me That He Booked For Me And My Little Sis Tickets To Go With Him To Dubai Inshallah On July.. I'm So Excited Though It's Only For 5 Days.. It's Just I Need This Kinda Break To Change My Mood Which Been Down For A Little While..

The Problem Is This Is Going To Be My First Time To Be Away From Mom.. Don't Get Me As Momy's Little Girl.. Well I'm Her Girl :p It's Just It's My First Time To Be Away To Another Country..!

I Felt That The Moment I Saw Her Face When Dad Asked Us If We Wanna Go.. In Her Words.. It's Ok Go Have Fun.. But Behind Those Words An Honest Feeling Of " How Hard To Let You Both Go..! "..

I Really Wish That She Can Come Walla.. We Would Have so Much Fun Together.. Cuz This Past Year.. Made Me Go More And More Closer To My Mom.. And Thank God For That ( Really Al7mdallah )..

It's Gonna Be Crazy Month July Is..!

So Does This Mean I Should Start Shopping :P ?!!!

LooL Well I'm Going Shopping For Some Stuff I Need, And To Do Few Things For My Little Sis's Graduation Party.. Which Is On july To0 But We Will Be In Kuwait Inshallah..

So I'm Excited and Looking Forward To.. And Inshallah It Will Be Fun.. God I Miss Mom Already.. Need To Plan Sometime To Go Out With Her The Up Coming Days..

P.S: ( Glad To Go.. But Hard To Let Go..! )

Anyway Kent Ashof Celine Dion Concerts With Sis.. oo 7adii Eshta6aait.. So B76 One Of My Fav. Songs By Her..

Monday, June 13, 2011

Can I Live With Him..?!


Today I Really Couldn't Get A Good Night Sleep Since I Decided To Stay up Late Watching Movie And Then Reading.. That's When I Decided To Take A Nap Afternoon.. But Couldn't Sleep Either Cuz My Mind Was On.. Thinking Thinking Thinking.. Such A Random Thoughts..!

And The Main Thought Was.. Traditional Marriage ( Zawaj 3n 6areQ Alahel o Alm3aref )..!!
Scary Huh..?!

Not Really..

I've Always Imagined Myself Getting Married After A Love Story.. But Since Some Relationships Now A Days Are Getting So Superficial.. I Started To  Lose Faith In That Love Story.. After All This Is A Real Life Not A Fairy Tale..! So This Leaves One Last Option.. Or Let's Say One Hope Or Chance For Love and Romance Which Is Traditional Marriage..!

I'm Not Against It..! Cuz That's How My Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad,  And Lots Of People I Know Got Married.. I Know That Love Comes With Time ( M3a Al3eshra ).. It's Just.. It Scares Me To Ask Myself : " Will We Understand Each other..? " " Is He Good..?! " And lots And Lots Of Questions I Can't Remember Them Right Now..!

I Know Myself.. I Can Put Up With Everything.. And Anyone.. But Sometimes Some People Take The Nerves Out Of You For Silly Reasons.. And Those People Who I Can't Deal With.. I Give Them The Silence Treatment.. So Heres A Question : " Is He One Of Those People..?! " ( sorry bs fe naw3ya mn alnas mn allah mategdron tet7amlonhom..!!)

Sure Btgololii There's Engagement ( Fatrat Al56oba ).. But How Long Will It Be..?! 2 Months, 3 Or 4..!!
That's Not Enough To Figure Out A Man..!!

So That's Why I Was Totally Not Going For Tradional Marriage..! But When It Actually Happend To Me Few Times.. I Swear It Gave Me This Feeling I've Never Felt Before.. Butterflies In My Stomach.. Being Very Very Shy ( Adri Mo Layeg :P  ).. o0 Mako 9oot Kelsh Kelsh ( 7eel Tharba :p ) lool.. And Ofcourse Trying To Answer The future To Be Husband's Questions .. And Trying To Ask Him Back.. And To Chit Chat For A Little Bit.. And Smiling Every Once and A While to Impress Everyone..! Lovely Situation.. ( Comedy Scene Wallah )

But Despite All That.. The First Question That Comes to My Mind Is.. " Can I Live With Him..?! " I Know Most People Told Me.. If He Is The One ( Ya3ni N9ebch Ra7 twafQeen 3ala 6ool o sb7an Allah kelshay ytsahal ) Or ( 9alai EsteKharah o Inshallah T3rfen Etha Mrta7tla or la ) I Know All That But What If I Still Have Those Doubts..?

So Does This Mean That I Prefer to Marry Someone I Love.. Yeah I Still Do.. Well In My Defence.. I'll Know At Least What Type Of Man I'm Dealing With.. And I'll Know Him Better, And Know That There Are Things That Can Cover His Mistakes Or Flaws.. Instead Of Someone I Totally Don't Know Only By Time I Will..

You Gonna Tell Me It's Nice To Figure Out Each Other Every Single Day.. Yeah It's Nice The Discovering And Getting to Know Each Other.. And Every Day Is A Surprise Itself.. But Not Every Surprise Can Make You Happy..!!

Anyway, Talking About Both Type Of Marriages Won't Stop Cuz They Both Have Advntages And Disadvantages.. Some People Will Prefer One And Others Will Defend The Other.. I'm Just Sharing My Own Thoughts..

At The Very End.. I'm Not In Love.. And There's No Traditional Marriage Proposal On The Way.. So Al7mdallah I'm Relaxed.. I Will Never Know What's Gonna Happen Next.. All I Know Is I'm Ready To Adjust With How My Life Goes..!

P.s: ( Thanks For Reading.. :D Share You Thoughts If You Have One..! )

Ooh One More Last Thing I Felt This Song Can Fit With What You Previously Read :P So Enjoy..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not Missing.. Just Doesn't Exist..!!

It's Been Almost A Year Since I Last Graduated From College.. If You Ask Me " Is This How You Imagine You Life After Graduation..?! " My Answer Will Be: " Definitely, No..! "...

I've Been Through Alot During This Whole Year.. That's Why I Can Categorize  It As The Hardest.. (Well Personally..! )

You Know When You See A Star Falling.. Well I'm Not Falling.. I'm Just At My Same Spot Where I Was Almost One Year Ago..

Hard..?! Is It..?!
No, It's Only Hard When You See Others Moving On.. And You Can't do Nothing But To Watch..!
Don't Ask Me: " Why Don't You Do Anything About It..?!" , Cuz I Did What I Can.. And I Still Do Whatever I Can To Persue.. To Step Forward.. It's Long Tough Road And I Know.. But I'm Still Gaining The  Strength Within Just to Keep Holding On To The Few Pieces Left Of Me..

And While Waiting.. I Won't Let Anyone To Bother Me.. Or Tell Me How My Life Should Be.. Cuz If They Lived Their Life The Way The Suppose to.. It Doesn't Mean I Should Re-Live It Again.. Cuz My Life Is My Original.. Not Some Book They've Read Before..!

It's True, I Miss A lot Right Now.. But It's Not About Some Things Been Missing.. It's Always About Some Things.. That Doesn't Exist.. Well For Now..!

So Till The Missing Pieces Take All The Time It Need To Complete My Life.. DO NOT GET INVOLVE..!!

P.s: ( I Know It's Personal.. Just Felt Like Writing...! )

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Can't Read While The Car Is Moving..?!!!


It Was Not So Long Ago When I Discovered That I Feel Sick When I Read While The Car Is Moving.. It Sucks..!!
Seriously That's Why I Avoid Reading In The Car.. It's True It Doesn't Happen Everytime.. But when It Happens I Feel Sick .. And That Gets To My Mood To0..!

Maybe We Are so Fimiliar With Seasickness.. But Motion Sickness Or Travel Sickness Isn't Only About Sea.. It's : "  A Condition In Which A Disagreement Exists Between Visually Perceived Movement And The  Vestibular System's  Sense Of Movement. Depending On The Cause It Can Also Be Referred To As  Seasickness , Car Sickness, Simulation Sickness or Airsickness. " Via Wikipedia

So Why It Happens..?! Easy To Explain..

Motion Sickness Occurs When Our Sense Of Balance And Equilibrium Are Disturbed, So When You Read While Moving You Send Confusing Messages To Your Brain Making You Feel Sick. Your Eyes, Which Are Looking At Whatever You Are Reading, Rather Than The Moving Scene. While You Already Know That You Are Moving..!

So It's Simple.. It Happens Cuz Your Brain Is Focusing On Too Many Things At Once.. So If You Have That What U Are Reading In The Car Should Wait..!

Ps: ( I Read while I Am On The Passenger Seat Not while Driving..! :P )