Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let The Madness Begin.!!.

Hello Everyone..
How Are You All..?!

Really Missed Ya..

It's Been Really A Busy Week.. It Passed So Fast Mashallah And What Helped Is That I Was Very Very Busy.. Shopping And Planning For My Sister's Graduation Party ( Allah Ytamemha Ya Rab 3ala Khair )

It's Getting Crazy Wallah.. There's A lot To Prepare For.. But The Good News Is I'm Spending Alot Of Time With Mom And My Whole Family ( Al7mdallah ).. The Only Thing That Is Bad Is The Weather.. Really It's Very Hot ( Mo Mal Mshaweer Kelsh..! )
Maybe I'm Posting Less And Didn't View Most Of My Fav. Blogs For Sometime.. Bs Inshallah I Will.. I'm Still Tweeting That's Good Right :P

P.s :( Missing Can Make You Value Things You Really Care About :D )


  1. Mashalah mabrooooook for your sister , yeey I love parties enshalah u will have fun , enjoy your time with your mom and sis , they r precious

  2. Allaah ybarek feech 7abebtii :**
    Eeh Me Too O I Love Planning Them to0 :D
    Inshallah i Will Enjoy Thanks For Stepping By :**

  3. Wohooo busy busy girl huh? well.. i guess these small small things from our loved one makes the bond more stronger and which would make you remember these little things when they would miss you with a smile :)

  4. Yeah u are so right..! Always the little things that Means a lot .. I'm gonna miss them A lot ƬƠo :$ :(