Thursday, January 12, 2012

My 24th Chapter Of Life Just Begun..!

Hello There..

Today I Said Goodbye To My 23rd Chapter Of My Life.. And Welcomed My New 24th One.. Yeah It's A Brand New Start For Me.. A New Beginning .. But A Beginning That Won't Change Me But Will Complete Me.. I'm Not Changing Who I Am.. But There's Always A Space For A Better Me.. An Improvment Maybe.. For The Best I Hope..

It's Actually My First Birthday Away From Home.. But The Feelings Weren't Different Cuz As Far As I Was.. As The Closest Those Feelings Were To My Heart.. I Know I'm Not That Young To Celebrate A Birthday.. But I'm Not That Old To Not To..!!

To Me It Was Just Another Typical Day In Ohio.. But It Was A Day Full Of Love.. I'm So Overwhelmed With The Sweetest Words I Got From My Family & Friends.. Honestly I Was In Tears..

It's Really Nice To Remember Someone's Birthday.. Cuz You Know How Special This Day To That Someone.. And By That He/She Will Know How Special They Are To You..!

Some Actually Knew About My Birthday By My Tweets But Yet They Send Me Great Wishes For My New Year.. And I Truly Appreciate That.. You Just Added More Happiness To My Day..

Really Thanks For Everyone.. I'm Blessed to Have You All.. 3asa Allah y5lekom Ley..

The Past Year Will Always Be The Hardest And The Greatest At The Same Time.. Cuz For All What I Lost I Gained A lot Much More..

Al7mdallah For Everything.. Wish You All A Great Many Years To Come.. And May All Your Wishes Come True..

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Babes :*

  2. Jacqui: Thaanks Alot Dear :*****

  3. Happy brithday May Allah bless you and provide you with the best of both worlds and i dint know that your health was not good May ALLAH provide you the health also inshAllah

  4. Kuwait'S: Thanks A lot For this sweet comment wish you the best.. and al7mdallah I'm fine..
    Wish The Best For everyone out there :D