Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye Year 2011..

Hello There..

Wow It's Been A Year Since I Said Goodbye To The Year 2010.. [ Click Here ]

And Now We Are About To Scratch 2011And Begin A Whole New Chapter Called '' 2012 ''.. A New Year To Start All Over Again.. A New Year To Re-live Your Dreams And Accomplish Them.. A New Year And A New Chance To Be A Better You..!

I Won't Really Say That This Year Passed So Fast.. It Really Did Only After Reaching The Last Day Of It.. And While You Look Back You Realize It Really Passed So Fast.. But While You Were Living It, It Wasn't That Fast..

I've Always Said That This Year Was One Of The Toughest I've Been Through.. For So Many Different Reasons.. But I Won't Neglect What It Taught Me.. And I'll Always Appreciate That.. Because '' Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do..! ''

Ooh Family.. My Dear Family.. I Really Missed Being With You The Last Couple Months And Now I Start My New Year Without You :( '' Mn '3air Shar ''.. I Hope I Go Home Soon..

One Of The Best Things I Came Out Of 2011 Was The Friends I Gained In It.. It's Not About The Number But About The Real Friends I'm So Blessed To Have..

One Of The Things I Realized Is No Matter How You Want To Go As Far As You Can From Home.. It's The First Place You Wanna Get Back To Once You Are Away..

And I Will Always Appreciate What I Have.. And Not Look For What I Don't Have.. It's Ok To Look For Other New Things Just Don't Forget What You Already Have..

I Learned That Waiting Does Pay Off.. No Matter How Long You Wait.. And What Are You Waiting For.. With A Little Faith, Patience And Working Hard You'll Get There..

Don't Ever Let People Tell You How To Live.. Don't Let Them Shape Your Life The Way They Want.. You Always Listen To Them But The Final Decision Is YOURS..!

2011 You Sure Was A Hard Year.. But You Made Me A Lot Stronger.. More Wiser.. And You Also Made Me Know What I Truly Want In This Life.. And I'm Ready To Step In And Reach The Next Level.. So No Regrets.. No Sorrows.. I Salute You.. And Say Goodbye To You.. Wishing That Once I End This Chapter I'll Hold On To It's Memories And Look Back With A Big Smile.. Goodbye Year 2011.. And 2012 I'm Holding My Pen To Start Writing.. Let's Hope We Write Great Stuff..

Wish You Guys A Happy New Year.. Full Of Greatness To Achieve.. And Love To Spread.. o 3asa Allah yaktb Lkom Al5air Feha..


  1. "Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do..!" (Y) <3
    As always .. sweet inspiring amazing words ... Happy New Year & may all your dreams come true ;D

  2. Happy New Year Beroo <3

  3. Happy New Year Dear and May 2012 be even more awesome than 2011!

    O Enshalla etredon bl salama :D

  4. iMaGiNaTiOn: Thaaaanks je3da matga9er bro :D

  5. Hadi: Thanks hadi for those sweet words.. matga9eeer :D

  6. Thaaaanks Guys Wallah mag9artaaw :D

  7. Jacqui : Awww Inshallaah 3ala aljmeee3 7abebti wallaah :*** and inshallah we come back soon