Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm Going Home..!

Hello People..

I Totally Can't Believe I'm Finally Writing This Post.. I've Been Counting Minutes Not Only Days For This Day To Come.. Praying That Everything Goes Well And It's About Time For All The Prayers To Be Answered.. It's About Time To Go Back Home..!

After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Being Away..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Missing Mom, Family And Friends..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Living A Completely Different Lifestyle..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Being A Stranger At First And Fitting In Later..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks Learning About Myself, My Limits, My Life And My Goals..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Pain, Fear, Paitience And Strength..
I'm Finally Coming Back Home ( Inshallah )..

Wow I Really Cannot Describe How I Feel And Fit Those Feelings In Words Here.. I'm So Happy That Inshallah I'm Going Home.. And Yet I Still Can't Believe That This Journey Is About To End.. A Journey Of Self Discovering.. Been Through A Lot.. And Now All This Time We Spent Here In Ohio Is Going To Be Part Of Our Memories.. A Story To Tell.. I'm Glad I Lived It..

Inshallah I'll Be Home Soon In Suterday.. So Excited To See My Whole Family & Friends.. I Miss You All.. 3asani Man7rem :D


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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY "HUGS" welcome home ^_^ hoping to see you soon ^_^

  2. Yaaaaaaaay *dancing* hiyaaaa hiyaaaa
    Finally . Inshallah allah yrdch bel salama

  3. Thanx god.. Im really happy for u..
    Ive been in ur situation but only for one month and one week.. Even it was me who choose to go away to discovering my self and live another lifestyle and learn a new culture.. And i was so determined to go with my adventure.. But sometime even if u r so happy u feel something miss u feel u r not belong to this people and place.. u feel some people how love u think about u.. 

  4. el7mdella ... trdoon belslama enshallah ... I'm soooo happy that you're coming back with good news ^_^ *HUGS*

  5. Well Life is about experiencing and learning, Happy to know you're back.
    WelComE BacK HomE ;D

  6. El7mdelah 3ala elslamaa , Walah you've been missed waayed

  7. fiiiiiinaaaaallllllllly T_T ,,

    trdoon bl salamaa inshallaaa <3

  8. shesalfah: Thanks Sweety Hope That To0 :D

  9. iMaGiNaTiOn: Allaaah ysalmk je3daa :D al7mdallah I'm Finally Back :D

  10. @engFaith: Exactly..I Finally Fit in the place but i was so hoooome sick.. I Just wanted To Get Back..

    Thanks Alot dear :**

  11. Hadi: Allaaaah ysalmk yeah al7mdalla :D

  12. BlackTulip: Thanks sweety I'm So Glad I Came Out With Lots Of Lessons Out Of This Trip :D

  13. NewQ8 Bride: Allaah ysalmch 7abebti :****
    Missed you to0

  14. Mariam: Alaaah ysalmch 7abebti :***