Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mariam Tagged Me..

Hello There..

I Was Tagged By My Sweetest Friend @MariamAshkanani .. You Can Check The Post And Her Blog To0: [ Here ]

1- When Did You Start Blogging And Why ..?
I Started Blogging On 25-12-2010, And Back Then I Have A Free Time Plus I Love Writing So I Had To Have Something Get Busy With And Since Then I'm All In Love With Blogging .. You Can Check It Out: [ Here ]

2- How Did You Choose Your Blog Name ..? " Whats The Story Behind It '' ..?
Well I Wanted A Name That Express Me.. And I Have lot Of Nicknames By My Family & Friends.. But " BeRo0 '' Is One Of My Favourite So I Called My Blog " BeRo0Q8 ''

3- Did Blogging Helped You In A Way Or Other ..?
Actually It Did, I Was Really Inspired To Get Back To Writing Which Is Something I'm So Passionate About.. Plus Now I Know A Lot Of Great People.. And Now I'm More Updated With What Happens In K-Town Thanks To My Fellow Bloggers..

4- Where Do You See Your Blog In The Next Two Years ..?
Ummm.. I Really Hope It Will Be Inspiring A Lot Of People..

5 - Your Favorite Post By You ..? And Why ..?
I Have Many Fav. But I'll Choose One " The Way To Perfection..": [ Here ]

6- Who's Your Favorite Blogger\Blog ..?
Well Actually Alot.. I Don't Wanna Forget Anyone But You Can Check My BlogRoll And See Who I Love And Make Sure To Visit Every Once And A While..