Tuesday, August 30, 2011

" I Wanna Want Ya.. But I Don't Need Ya..!! "

Hello Again...

This Song Is In My Mind Today..


My 30 Day Photo Challenge..!

Hello World..

Maybe You Read About @FroyoNation 's Challenge You Can Read It : Here 
Many Bloggers Are Doing It.. And It's Fun.. And What I Like More About It Is That  It Shows More About Who You Are..! That Encouraged Me To Do It.. And My 30 Days Photos Challenge All In One Day And Will Be All In One Post.. Let's See If I Can Make It Through...

Let's Start..!

Day 1: Self Portrait

It Was In Dubai In The Aquarium Loved This Fish It Looked Like Smilling :)

Day 2: What I Wore

I Wore " I <3 Kuwait " In Kuwait's National And Liberation Days (25-26 Feb 2011)

Day 3: Clouds

I Took This While I Was In The Car It Was Beautiful But To0 Bad Wasn't That Clear..

Day 4 : Favorite Color

Black Is My Fav. Color 

Day 5 : Someone I Love

My Nephew He Was Pretending Not Actually Crying :P 3ayaar !! 

Day 6 : Childhood Memory

This Is Mini Me In My First Birthday ( Don't Ever Ever Comment On The Dress :p !! )

Day 7 : Something New

I'm Keys Miniac :D Something In Them Attract Me.. And I Got This Necklace 2 Days Ago..

Day 8 : Technology

My Old BB :D 

Day 9 : Facless Self Portrait

My Graduation Photo :D But Faceless !!

Day 10 : Something I Made

I Always Draw This In My Books, I Wanted It To Be Part Of My Logo But Then I Changed My Mind..

Day 11 : Something Fun

Gifts Are Fun Aren't They..?!

Day 12 : Close Up

I Loved This Rose From A Bouquet My Sis Had..

Day 13 : From A Distance

" Burj Khalifa "

Day 14 : Flowers

This Is Mom's Bouquet For Mothers Day..

Day 15 : My Shoes

One Of My Fav. Shoes..

Day 16 : What I Ate

My Besite Surpised Me With It For My Birthday When We Were In Chocolate Bar..

Day 17 : On The Shelf

Don't Have A Shelf In My Room.. So I Thought Of Taking A Pic Of What's Hanging On My Mirror :p ( Graduated Last Year )

Day 18 : In My Bag

It's Not Always This Empty :p ( Kelsh Mo Mratbtha :P )..  But Got My Wallet.. My Gucci Guilty Perfume.. Mini Mirror.. Labello.. Lip Glose And Extra Gum :P

Day 19 : Where I Slept

Me And My Sis's Bed In The Hotel ..

Day 20 : What I Read

To Be Honest I'm Not A Vampire Fan.. But Thought Of Reading Something That Don't Interest Me.. It's Cool So Far.. But To Be Honest Still Didn't Finish Reading it..

Day 21 : Pretty Patterns

One More Thing I Love Stuffed Animals :D And This Is The First Thing That Came In My Mind When I Read Patterns Cuz I Didn't Know What Should I Put Here.. ;P

Day 22 : Trees

" Atlantis ''
Day 23 : Sunset
Sunset From Airplane View :P

Day 24 : A Smile

Me And Nephew Playing In The Car.. Love His Smile :** <33 ( Allaah y7af'9a )

Day 25 : Sunflare

Hamn Hni Tewahagt Madrait Sha7e6 :P .. It Was A Great Day With Mom :**

Day 26 : Something Old

And Old Small Quraan I Carry Always In My Bag..

Day 27 : After Dark

When We Were Landing Back To Kuwait :D

Day 28 : Daily Routine

My Shella You See Them Mentioned.. It's My Daily Routine To Talk To Them.. Love You Guys :*** <33

Day 29 : Purchased

I Love Lilys , Orchids But Tulips Are My Thing :$$ This Is A Mini Mirror.. Where Else You Can See A Tulip Ooh Yeah My Avatar :D

Day 30 : In Motion

Got This While We Were In The Car..

Done.. Al7mdalah This Prepared In 2 Days Hope You Know Me A Little More :D I Know Some Pics May Not Be Related But I Did My Best :D

P.s : ( They Say Everything We Have Tells A Story About Who We Are.. Hope Those Photos Made Good Impression :D )

Eid Mubarak..

Hello There..

The Clock Passed 12:00 am So It's Officially A New Day.. But It's Not Any Ordinary Day.. Today We Sadly Say Goodbye To Our Holy Month " Ramadan '' .. And Hello To '' Eid Al-fter ''..

And This Is The First Time I Share Greetings With You Guys Through My Blog.. Hope It's Not The Last.. kel 3am o Entaw B5air o 3asakom Mn Al3aiden o Alfayzen.. And Happy Eid Everyone..

"كـــل عـــام أنتــوا بخيـــر.. و عســـاكم مــن عـــواده "

Monday, August 29, 2011

" Zain Ela 3alam Jamel " The Play..

Hello World..

I Was Invited Yesterday By @ZainKuwait To Attend The Final Rehearsal Of Zain's Play " Zain Ela 3alam Jamel " ( زين الى عالم جميل ) .. I Really Loved The Decoration.. And How They Took Care Of Every Little Detail.. The Customs Were Amazing I Liked The Shoes To0..! It Really Took Me To That Old Period Of Time..
And The Whole Musical Was In '' Arabic العربية الفصحى " ..

But The Main Thing Is The Point Out Of The Whole Play.. Which Is As I See It A Tiny Chapter Of Zain's Beautiful World ( 3alam Jamel ).. If You Have Kids.. This Play Would Be One Of The Best For Them To Enjoy.. And Learn Few Simple Life Lessons..

I Really Loved This Pic :P

Here's The Play's Trailer..

The Play Is Written By Heba Hamada And Inspired From Oliver Twist .. Big Clap For All The Actors And Everyone Behind This Amazing Musical.. You Are Doing A Great Job That Inshallah Will Pay Off..
For Inquiries And Reservations:   90007773 - 90007774

Thanks To @ZainKuwait And @M_Almuhaini For The Great Invitation And A Great Event :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wataniya New Eid TVC..

Hello There..

I Just Love This TVC From @WataniyaTelecom  For Eid.. So Realistic That It Reflect The Whole Atmosphere Of The Last Days Of Ramadan.. Preparing For Eid..
Specially The Little Girl Who Spread Her Hair Through The Pillow To Make Sure It Doesn't Wrinkle LoL Loved It .. Thumbs Up Wataniya Telecom For This Great Ad :D

Is This Cute.. Or ..?!

Hello There..

I Saw This Video Of Two Kids Dancing.. To Be Honest They Are Amazing Dancers.. And So Cute.. But Despite Being Cute And Talented.. I Just Think There Are Some Movies In This Dance Isn't Appropriate Fot Their Age..!

What Do You Think..?

P.s: ( Not Attacking The Video Or Anything Just Sharing My Opinion ;) )


Get Used To Change..!

Hello There..

Let's Take A Look At This Say.. 
“ The Only Thing Constant In Life Is Change..” ~ Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Then Look Around You.. You Will Realize Everything Is Changing Around You No Matter How Long It's Been The Same.. Change Can Be Noticeable Like The Change Of Trees Leaves Through The Year .. Or Unnoticeable Like Your Weight Or Height Which You Need To Measure To Notice That Change..

Within Every Second Pass By Everything Is Exposed  To Change.. Even Change Itself Change.. Sometimes Change Become Fast Or Slow.. Hard.Or Easy.. Good Or Bad.. Even Better Or Worse..! Nothing Stays The Same Forever.. So Don't Rely On That..!
We All Gonna Face Change Whether We Want It Or Not.. Change Is Happening.. The Only Way To Face It Is To Adjust With It.. Maybe This Adjustment Won't Be Easy At First.. But Eventually You Will.. Just don't Fight It.. Change Can Be Good Well Sometimes..

P.S: ( Time Is Passing.. Change Is Happening.. You Still Can Change.. Don't Wait For Change To Change You..! )

While Writing This Song Came Into My Mind.. And Yes I'm A BSB Fan :D..!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

MGM's Passion Crushed It..!!!

Hello There..

" Joe Penna (Born May 29, 1987 In São Paulo), When His Mother Needed Help Getting More Customers To Come To Her Yard Sale, Joe Used The Family Computer To Desighn Signs That He Then Posted Around Town. It Was His First Taste Of Business..When Joe Was 12, His Family Moved To The United States. Joe Attended The University Of Massachusetts To Become A Cardiothoracic Surgeon, But He Eventually Dropped Out To Follow His Passion For Video. He Is Known Online As  MysteryGuitarMan , He Is A Brazilian Guitarist, Animator, And Filmmaker. After Bouncing Around Working On Local Commercials And Music Videos In Boston, Joe Decided To Pack His Bags For Los Angeles To Start Making YouTube Videos Full-Time. Penna Maintains A Popular Channel On YouTube  By The Name Of MysteryGuitarMan. He Usually Uploads Videos Every Tuesday And Thursday. In January 2011, He Was The Most Subscribed In Brazil. As Of August 2011 He Is The 9th Most Subscribed On YouTube, With Over 2 Million Subscribers, And His Videos Have Been Viewd Over 272 Million Times. On February 18, 2010 Penna Started A Second Youtube Channel JP, Where He Uploads His Making-Of Videos And Vlogs. Within 6 Hours, It Became The Third Most Subscribed Channel In Brazil. "  

Well This Is About MGM In Words.. How About A Point Of Veiw From One Of His Veiwers? But First Let's Check One Of My Favorite Videos He Made..

I Knew About Him By Chance While Surfing YouTube, And I Loved His Videos He Come Up With Creative And Funny Ideas He Really Can Surprise You..! What I Like More About Him Is That He Interact With People  ( Subscribers ) And Ask Them To Give Him Ideas Share Their Thoughts, Tell Him What They Want To See Or Suggest Anything, Challenge Him To Do A Video And Help Him With His Videos Like This One Here  

Not Only That He Also Make Videos Were You Can Actually Play A Game Such As  " Snake  ", Or You Can Actually Play Music " Made Me Play A Song ! " He Has Two Specific Days To Upload Videos Which Is Nice To Make The Subscribers Stay Tunned To What's Comming Next.. He also Ask You Gentely To Subscribe..  I Also Knew From Watching His Videos That He Sell T-Shirts With Different Lines On Them And Market Them In His Videos..

Now Back To Words.. " His Videos Like " Guitat Impossible " And " Root Beet Mozart " Have Won Various Awards And Have Been Featured On Television Programs Around The World. He Recently Directed His First Nationally Televised Commercial For MacDonalds And Coke. On June 24, Penna Was Selected As One Of The Top 10 New Directors Of 2010 At The 20th " Cannes Lions Saatchi & Saatchi " New Directors Showcase With '' T-Shirt War ''. And By The Way Joe Just Turned 24 Years Old. '' Source & Source 

Here's An Interview about him Talking About Doing What You Love..

This Is His MacDonalds And CocaCola TV Commercial.. 

And I'm Sure There Are More To See From Him.. MGM Crushed It With His Passion So What Are You Waiting For..?!!

Let's Crush It !

Hallema Defend Herself..!!

Hello There..

I Think Most Of You Saw The Videos Of " Hallema Bolan " .. I  Was Actually In Shock When I Saw Them.. And Thought How Could She..?!!

But Yet My Aunt Called Me And Told Me To See The Tv And Listen To Hallema Defending Herself Live..
Check The Video Out..

And It's Up To You To Believe Those Videos Or Her..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

She Struggles..

Hello There...

Let Me Share A Thought..

" She Always Struggles To Live Like Others Do.. 
She Always Struggles To Be Who She Really Is.. 
She Struggles To Show What's Inside..
Struggles To Say Whatever On Her Mind..
Struggles To Be The Woman She Always Wanted To Be..
Somtimes She Struggle And Cry All Alone..
She Struggle And Fight For Her Passion..
She Struggle To Prove Who She Can Be..
It's Simple She Struggles To Be HER..!

She Struggles And Struggles.. And One Day..

She Will Live The Life She Always Wanted..
She Will Know Who She Really Is..
She Will Glow With What's Within..
And You Will Hear Whatever She Says..
You Will See The Woman She Dreamed To Be..
You Will Wipe Her Tears Away Though She Can't Get Enough Of..
The Passion She Once Fought For Is Named By Her..
She's Not That Girl She's Now Dependable..
She Finally Bacame HER..!! "

Thoughts By Me..

P.S: ( It's Hard Road But It's Happening..  Hard Road Will Be Easy To Cross By Time.. She Did It.. So Can You..!! )

Who I Am..?

Hello There..

I'm BeRo0 A 23 Year Old Girl.. It's Simply Me.. A Girl Trying To Fit In The Blogging World.. Started This Blog As A Gateway From My Real World.. And The Main Idea Behinde It Was To Write My Thoughts, Ideas, Interests And Little About My Life.. Writing Is My Passion.. Well Beside Chocolate :p .. And I Started Blogging On December 2010, It's Been Almost A Year And Now I'm More Comfortable To Mix My Real Life And Blogging World..

I'm Free To Call Myself #ThatsOnMyMind Girl Cuz I Write Whatever Comes In My Mind Whether In Touchs You Or Not.. My Thought Might Be About You..!!

So Hope You Enjoy Reading.. Because My Thoughts Will Show You That I'm More Than A Girl In A Mirror Can Be.. And There's More In Me Than What You See..!!!

I'll Be Withing Every Thought :D !!!
Enjoy The Ride....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fashion World Stop Crossing The Lines..!

Hello There..

To Be Honest I Don't Follow Fashion Or Read Fashion Magazines.. But Couple Days Ago I Was Checking My Fellow Blogger " Q8Rain " 's Blog And Shocked When I Saw Her Post About A 10 Year Old Posing For Vogue Paris. Check The Post Here: " Do You Believe She's 10 Yrs Old !! "

Really This Is Child Abuse.. I Don't Actually Like Those Photos She Doesn't Look Pretty At All..!! And Like This Shock Wasn't Enough Today I Was Checking My Other Fellow Blogger " Kuwaitiful " And Then I Saw His Post :  " Regional Mistake " Which He Spotted At 360 Mall In Kuwait..!

Well Topless Boys.. That's Kinda Scary They Look Older Than Their Age.. Kids Already Look Up to Older People and Try To Act Like Them In Everything.. And Now These Ads Show The Kids That They Can Look Like Older People Like It's Ok..!!!

But That Isn't The Reason Behind My Post.. I Saw Q8Rain's Comment In Kuwaitiful's Post About The " New French Lingerie Line for Girls Ages 4 to 12 " .. I Google It And That's What I Saw..

Sorry For Posting But This Is Shocking..!!! Kids Are Cute And Innocent Don't Use Them Like That.. If There's Any Ideas To Put Kids In Commericals Or Ads Use Appropriate Ideas And Suitable For Their Age.. And For The Age Of The Audience.. Let Them Live Their Childhood Properly.. And When They Grow Up At A Certain Age They Can Wear Those Clothes.. Not Now..!!  Source

P.S: ( Fashion Can Wait.. But Their Childhood Won't So Stay Away And Don't Destroy It..!!! )