Sunday, August 21, 2011

MGM's Passion Crushed It..!!!

Hello There..

" Joe Penna (Born May 29, 1987 In São Paulo), When His Mother Needed Help Getting More Customers To Come To Her Yard Sale, Joe Used The Family Computer To Desighn Signs That He Then Posted Around Town. It Was His First Taste Of Business..When Joe Was 12, His Family Moved To The United States. Joe Attended The University Of Massachusetts To Become A Cardiothoracic Surgeon, But He Eventually Dropped Out To Follow His Passion For Video. He Is Known Online As  MysteryGuitarMan , He Is A Brazilian Guitarist, Animator, And Filmmaker. After Bouncing Around Working On Local Commercials And Music Videos In Boston, Joe Decided To Pack His Bags For Los Angeles To Start Making YouTube Videos Full-Time. Penna Maintains A Popular Channel On YouTube  By The Name Of MysteryGuitarMan. He Usually Uploads Videos Every Tuesday And Thursday. In January 2011, He Was The Most Subscribed In Brazil. As Of August 2011 He Is The 9th Most Subscribed On YouTube, With Over 2 Million Subscribers, And His Videos Have Been Viewd Over 272 Million Times. On February 18, 2010 Penna Started A Second Youtube Channel JP, Where He Uploads His Making-Of Videos And Vlogs. Within 6 Hours, It Became The Third Most Subscribed Channel In Brazil. "  

Well This Is About MGM In Words.. How About A Point Of Veiw From One Of His Veiwers? But First Let's Check One Of My Favorite Videos He Made..

I Knew About Him By Chance While Surfing YouTube, And I Loved His Videos He Come Up With Creative And Funny Ideas He Really Can Surprise You..! What I Like More About Him Is That He Interact With People  ( Subscribers ) And Ask Them To Give Him Ideas Share Their Thoughts, Tell Him What They Want To See Or Suggest Anything, Challenge Him To Do A Video And Help Him With His Videos Like This One Here  

Not Only That He Also Make Videos Were You Can Actually Play A Game Such As  " Snake  ", Or You Can Actually Play Music " Made Me Play A Song ! " He Has Two Specific Days To Upload Videos Which Is Nice To Make The Subscribers Stay Tunned To What's Comming Next.. He also Ask You Gentely To Subscribe..  I Also Knew From Watching His Videos That He Sell T-Shirts With Different Lines On Them And Market Them In His Videos..

Now Back To Words.. " His Videos Like " Guitat Impossible " And " Root Beet Mozart " Have Won Various Awards And Have Been Featured On Television Programs Around The World. He Recently Directed His First Nationally Televised Commercial For MacDonalds And Coke. On June 24, Penna Was Selected As One Of The Top 10 New Directors Of 2010 At The 20th " Cannes Lions Saatchi & Saatchi " New Directors Showcase With '' T-Shirt War ''. And By The Way Joe Just Turned 24 Years Old. '' Source & Source 

Here's An Interview about him Talking About Doing What You Love..

This Is His MacDonalds And CocaCola TV Commercial.. 

And I'm Sure There Are More To See From Him.. MGM Crushed It With His Passion So What Are You Waiting For..?!!

Let's Crush It !


  1. aaaand u've crushed it girl ;) loved the post :*

  2. I Loved the MGM you talked about! he's a hard worker and the videos are very creative! the last video about the t-shirts switching animation, I remember seeing one be4 and they sell the t-shirts they used. (passion - make ppl love u - sell ur own brand) perfect post for crushing it Berro ! I personally Loved it a lot :)

  3. RED_SONJA_Q8: Awww So glad You Loved It :D ..
    I worked Hard On It :D

  4. RuBY_GLooM : Awww Your words Really Paid For The effort I Did :D
    He's really amazing And Creative :D
    Totally Deserve where He Is Now :D

  5. Umm this guy ROCKS! He really crushed it, but I think he had the whole plan in mind since he started.

  6. Shelly : Yeah He Is Amazing..
    Maybe He Planned It.. Who Knows :D All I Know He Followed his Passion

  7. You've Crushed With Passion .. Great Post

  8. Crowsy: THaaanks This Means A Lot To Me :D

  9. I Like His Videos!, I Watch Many Youtubers.. MANY :P

  10. Omar Yousef: Ywah He Is amazing Wallaah :D