Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fashion World Stop Crossing The Lines..!

Hello There..

To Be Honest I Don't Follow Fashion Or Read Fashion Magazines.. But Couple Days Ago I Was Checking My Fellow Blogger " Q8Rain " 's Blog And Shocked When I Saw Her Post About A 10 Year Old Posing For Vogue Paris. Check The Post Here: " Do You Believe She's 10 Yrs Old !! "

Really This Is Child Abuse.. I Don't Actually Like Those Photos She Doesn't Look Pretty At All..!! And Like This Shock Wasn't Enough Today I Was Checking My Other Fellow Blogger " Kuwaitiful " And Then I Saw His Post :  " Regional Mistake " Which He Spotted At 360 Mall In Kuwait..!

Well Topless Boys.. That's Kinda Scary They Look Older Than Their Age.. Kids Already Look Up to Older People and Try To Act Like Them In Everything.. And Now These Ads Show The Kids That They Can Look Like Older People Like It's Ok..!!!

But That Isn't The Reason Behind My Post.. I Saw Q8Rain's Comment In Kuwaitiful's Post About The " New French Lingerie Line for Girls Ages 4 to 12 " .. I Google It And That's What I Saw..

Sorry For Posting But This Is Shocking..!!! Kids Are Cute And Innocent Don't Use Them Like That.. If There's Any Ideas To Put Kids In Commericals Or Ads Use Appropriate Ideas And Suitable For Their Age.. And For The Age Of The Audience.. Let Them Live Their Childhood Properly.. And When They Grow Up At A Certain Age They Can Wear Those Clothes.. Not Now..!!  Source

P.S: ( Fashion Can Wait.. But Their Childhood Won't So Stay Away And Don't Destroy It..!!! )


  1. Astagfirullah! that's so shamefull and disgusting i dont understand how their parents are letting them do this??

    I am not against fashion but you have limits for ever thing :(

  2. Kuwait'S Blog: Exactly Parents Should Protect Their Kids.. Fashion Crossed Some Lines Here

  3. This is horrible and sick! Seriously, the lingerie one is disgusting!

  4. iMaGiNaTiOn: Thanks Hope Someday They Stop Doing That

  5. that is just sick!! bhal 3omer y3almonhom 3al 5araab !

  6. justnoon : Eeeh Wallaah m3ana may7tajon alt3loma kelshay y3rfona mashallah 3laihom jeel y5ar3 !!