Friday, August 5, 2011

Confess Or Else...!

Dear Diary..

Today Is Thursday.. It's Been A Week Since My Sleeping Begun To Be Disturbed.. I Can't Sleep Peacefully Because Something Has Been Bothering Me.. I Still Didn't Figure Out What It Is.. Well Not Yet.. But LatelyThat Something Or Whatever It Is Started To Annoy Me.. And In Some Situation Scares Me..!

I Remember The Other Night I Was In Bed.. And I Just Started To Fall Asleep.. And Just Out Of A Sudden I Felt Like I Can't Breathe.. No Air.. Struggling For Breaths.. And Through This Whole Dilemma I Thought " Is Something Strangling Me..? ".. But Then I Dunno Where I Had That Strength To Get Off Bed.. Screaming.. Looking Around But Nothing's There..!! Slowly I Started To Feel The Air Reaching My Lungs.. Yet I'm Still Wondering About What Had Just Happened..

But Those Strange Things Started To Happen Day After Day With A Perfect Timing When I'm Alone.. Well That's So Typical So That No One Witness Those Mysterious Things.. " Am I Going Crazy '' A Thought Never Left My Mind.. I Couldn't Tell Anyone No One Saw It.. Who Will Believe Me..?!

Let's See Diary, What Will We Think About The Next Thing I'm About To Write.. I Just Got Home And Just About To Get In The Elevator.. Once I Got In And The Door Was Behind Me I Saw In The Elevator's Mirror Something Standing Infront Of The Elevator.. I Looked Back And There Was Nothing.. I Looked At The Mirror And There's Nothing.. And When I Looked Beside Me There Was A Shade.. A Black Dark One.. But It Soon Disapeared.. Is My Imagination On..?! Is This Thing Real..?! Is It An Illusion Or Just A Shadow..?! Lots Of Questions.. And I'm Sure There Are Lots Of Explanations But I Can't Seem To Find One..!!!

I Always Feel Like Something Is Always Beside Me Like I'm Never Alone.. And When I Don't Feel Like That Something Does Appear One Way Or Another Only To Confuse Me More And More..

It's Killing Me.. What's That Thing That Keeps Hunting Me.... 
Diary I'll Try To Get Some Sleep Now.. If I Can......


Dear Diary..

It's Saturday.. I Finally Had Some Decent Beauty Sleep.. I Didn't Write To You Yesterday Cuz I Was Busy Figuring Out What Is Happening.. I Looked All Over My Place.. I Took Sometime Alone Thinking About Everything.. Reviewd My Actions My Words.. And Then I Find Out What Was Hunting Me.. It's My Loyal Friend " Guilt ".. Yes Loyal I Didn't Write The Wrong Word Trust Me.. I Call It Loyal Cuz Whenever I Do Something Wrong It Appears To Help Me To Correct What I Did..
And In Case If You Are Wondering Why Guilt Appears To Me In A Scary Way.. Let's Just Say He's Not That Good With Communicating.. But I'm Glad Guilt Took My Attention So I Can Realize My Mistakes.. And If You Are Also Wondering Why Didn't Guilt Talk To Me Straight About Those Mistakes.. Well It's His Way To Make Me Think About My Actions And Over Think Untill I Find Out.. 

Well Diary I'm So Glad That Now I Can Live Normally.. Without Wondering Or Thinking.. But I'm Sure Next Time I Will Think Before I Say Or Do Anything.. Specially Say Or Do Something That Will Hurt Others..

So Diary Becareful To Do Anything Wrong.. Cuz Guilt Has This Game Called " Confess Or Else..! '' Where You Either Admit You Did Wrong.. Or Be Prepared For Sleepless Nights..


P.s: ( Always Think About Your Actions Before Guilt Get To You..! :p )
A Short Story By Me..


  1. His is freaking amazing waaaaaaaay beyond what words can describe. It's so great , full of meanings . You are right , we don't confess u till the bas effect appears. That's us , human , of course not all of us but most of us . So yes confess dear cuz there is no better relief than confession itself

  2. Awww Thanks A Lot.. Yeah Just Used My Imagination To Dilever The Meaning :D
    Guilt Really Comes In A disturbing Way..
    But The Relief Is So Worth It :D

  3. Briefing of the post: I see dead people.

  4. LoooooL That's Totally Not The Point xD ..!!!!!

  5. Guilt is an ugly thing .Some time it eats us ,our happiness and etc etc.

  6. Exactly.. That Was The whole Meaning Of The Story :D

  7. Well.... sometime it happens with me too i see in dreams that i am falling from top of the building or mountain.

    It could be depression if not guilt.

    Just relax do meditation in heal as much as you can stop for 3 sec then ex heal as much you can then repeat the above for 10 min do this while imagining the most wonderful and heavenly world you possibly want be in green fields,forest,water fall sitting on aladanis carpet :P just name it sissi

    This time control is in your hand you are free to go where ever you want with asking anyone

    wallah this trick worked for me

    try this one

  8. Aww baby I hope you'll feel better soon <3
    LOVE U

  9. Kuwait'S Blog: True.. It Happens Sometimes..
    And I'm totally fine It's just A Short Stroy I wrote Nothing Personal :P
    But Thanks For The Link :D

  10. Slashy: I'm Fine 7abebtiiiii :*****
    It's Just A Story I Wrote :D

  11. i wish i could express my self this way ! mashallah 3alaich ! loved how u do that girl :)

  12. RED_SONJA_Q8: 7abebtiii wallaah sonjaa :**
    you can express yourself just let ur imagination on and you will do it