Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My 30 Day Photo Challenge..!

Hello World..

Maybe You Read About @FroyoNation 's Challenge You Can Read It : Here 
Many Bloggers Are Doing It.. And It's Fun.. And What I Like More About It Is That  It Shows More About Who You Are..! That Encouraged Me To Do It.. And My 30 Days Photos Challenge All In One Day And Will Be All In One Post.. Let's See If I Can Make It Through...

Let's Start..!

Day 1: Self Portrait

It Was In Dubai In The Aquarium Loved This Fish It Looked Like Smilling :)

Day 2: What I Wore

I Wore " I <3 Kuwait " In Kuwait's National And Liberation Days (25-26 Feb 2011)

Day 3: Clouds

I Took This While I Was In The Car It Was Beautiful But To0 Bad Wasn't That Clear..

Day 4 : Favorite Color

Black Is My Fav. Color 

Day 5 : Someone I Love

My Nephew He Was Pretending Not Actually Crying :P 3ayaar !! 

Day 6 : Childhood Memory

This Is Mini Me In My First Birthday ( Don't Ever Ever Comment On The Dress :p !! )

Day 7 : Something New

I'm Keys Miniac :D Something In Them Attract Me.. And I Got This Necklace 2 Days Ago..

Day 8 : Technology

My Old BB :D 

Day 9 : Facless Self Portrait

My Graduation Photo :D But Faceless !!

Day 10 : Something I Made

I Always Draw This In My Books, I Wanted It To Be Part Of My Logo But Then I Changed My Mind..

Day 11 : Something Fun

Gifts Are Fun Aren't They..?!

Day 12 : Close Up

I Loved This Rose From A Bouquet My Sis Had..

Day 13 : From A Distance

" Burj Khalifa "

Day 14 : Flowers

This Is Mom's Bouquet For Mothers Day..

Day 15 : My Shoes

One Of My Fav. Shoes..

Day 16 : What I Ate

My Besite Surpised Me With It For My Birthday When We Were In Chocolate Bar..

Day 17 : On The Shelf

Don't Have A Shelf In My Room.. So I Thought Of Taking A Pic Of What's Hanging On My Mirror :p ( Graduated Last Year )

Day 18 : In My Bag

It's Not Always This Empty :p ( Kelsh Mo Mratbtha :P )..  But Got My Wallet.. My Gucci Guilty Perfume.. Mini Mirror.. Labello.. Lip Glose And Extra Gum :P

Day 19 : Where I Slept

Me And My Sis's Bed In The Hotel ..

Day 20 : What I Read

To Be Honest I'm Not A Vampire Fan.. But Thought Of Reading Something That Don't Interest Me.. It's Cool So Far.. But To Be Honest Still Didn't Finish Reading it..

Day 21 : Pretty Patterns

One More Thing I Love Stuffed Animals :D And This Is The First Thing That Came In My Mind When I Read Patterns Cuz I Didn't Know What Should I Put Here.. ;P

Day 22 : Trees

" Atlantis ''
Day 23 : Sunset
Sunset From Airplane View :P

Day 24 : A Smile

Me And Nephew Playing In The Car.. Love His Smile :** <33 ( Allaah y7af'9a )

Day 25 : Sunflare

Hamn Hni Tewahagt Madrait Sha7e6 :P .. It Was A Great Day With Mom :**

Day 26 : Something Old

And Old Small Quraan I Carry Always In My Bag..

Day 27 : After Dark

When We Were Landing Back To Kuwait :D

Day 28 : Daily Routine

My Shella You See Them Mentioned.. It's My Daily Routine To Talk To Them.. Love You Guys :*** <33

Day 29 : Purchased

I Love Lilys , Orchids But Tulips Are My Thing :$$ This Is A Mini Mirror.. Where Else You Can See A Tulip Ooh Yeah My Avatar :D

Day 30 : In Motion

Got This While We Were In The Car..

Done.. Al7mdalah This Prepared In 2 Days Hope You Know Me A Little More :D I Know Some Pics May Not Be Related But I Did My Best :D

P.s : ( They Say Everything We Have Tells A Story About Who We Are.. Hope Those Photos Made Good Impression :D )


  1. You are amazing mashalah , I felt it from your posts and now from the photos , but to be honest ;) the childhood red dress ;) cute ;*

  2. NewQ8 Bride: 7abebtii wallaaaah :$$$ Your words Made My Day :*****
    And That Dress Is Out Of Fashion :P heheeh

  3. The best i liked the day 6 childhood memories so cute hair style lol

    why its always that human being does what is said not to be done :P

  4. Kuwait'S Blog : LoooooL cuz It's Tempting To Do What You Are Not Allowed To :P Hehehehe

  5. Oooommmmggggg
    Omg omg omg
    May I have an autographed one ?? Plz plz plz
    Anyone of them ^_^
    U r so amazing , the picz are splendid
    U were cite with the red dress but I were cuter :P
    I simply liked them all .
    U are indescribable

  6. iMaGinaTiOn : Awww Thanks A Lot :$ I Did My Best :D

    glad you loved the pic.. bs which one ?

  7. wow ... great job there Beroo ... loved the pictures + allah ya7fethlekom your nephew shakla Kalakchy

    and for the mini you dress ... no comment ;p ... Just kidding you look adorable

    P.S. you are the only courage blogger who posted the challenge no.1 ;p

  8. loved the post , loved your photo , loved the idea and im so gonna do this walla 7lwa alfkra xD ..

    and your baby photo guurl let me tell you ... you look so FREAKIN CUTE !!!! <3 ;*

  9. Omg ..YOU DID THAT IN ONE DAY ..loL ?

    Well well all pics are awesome.Small old Quran,your first birthday pic ...aw ..everything worth seeing.

    You are pretty ,Masha Allah.I love nephew smile he is goddamn cute :)

  10. kuwaitop.com: Awww thanks a lot bo7aider :D
    LoooooL lots of bloggers posted no.1 :P

  11. مَرْيَم أَشْكَنَانِي : awwww so glaaad you loved it and excited to see yours..

    awwww.. thaaaanks wallaaaah :$$ you made my day sweety :******

  12. ♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ : loooool laa I prepared them in 2 days :P

    thaanks sweety wallaaa glad you enjoyed them :***

  13. Day 6 : Childhood Memory
    7addech cute ;D

  14. iyaa: Hehehe laazm 3ed meladi :P hehe


  16. RED_SONJA_Q8 : So Glad You Did :****
    hehehe aldress kan flim xD !!!!

  17. LOL! zain tsaween faketay 3omrech :D

  18. justnoon : hehehe etha masawaita byom wa7d 9adgeni maraa7 a5al9 :P