Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can Your Passion Crush It..?!

Hello There...

I Kindly Wanna Take You Through A Little Story.. A Way Back To Almost 1 Year Ago.. And To Be More Specific December 2010.. For Those Who Know Me Knows That I Graduated Last Year.. And I'm Unemployed Until This Very Moment.. I Wouldn't Say I Was Sad Or Happy.. But The Feeling Of Being Unuseful Was Killing Me Slowly From Within.... Somehow I Was Introduced To The Blogging World And I Was Stunned By It.. A Very Huge World With A Numerous Number Of Bloggers That Stand Out In Their's Own Special Way.. So To Get In And Being Noticed Would Be Quite A Challenge.. I Wanted To Be Different I Wanted My Blog To Express Nothing But Me..  My Thoughts.. My Ideas.. What I Like And What I Think Would Make A Difference.. To Be Honest I Was Inspired By A Blogger And Knowing That Someone Was Able To Inspire Me Then I Might Be Able To Inspire Others To0..!

I Was At Some Point The Only Reader To My Blog.. But Now ( Thank God ) .. I Have Readers, Silent Readers And Commeneters.. This Means I'm Doing Something Right..! So Now You Know That Writing Is My Passion.. And I Want This Passion To Stand Out And Be Recognized To Help Make A Difference.. To Work On Your Passion Is Easy.. But Waiting For It To Grow And Watch It Pay Off Isn't... This Requires Time, Patience And..... To Crush It..!!!

Yup Crush It Will Help Me Do It..!! By Crush It I Mean '' How Your Passion Whatever It Is Benefit From The Social Media Qualities'' And What A Better Way To Stay In Touch Than '' The Social Media '' Which Is Becoming The Best Way To Stay Connected With Others And It Has Different Tools.. Gary Vaynerchuk ( The Man Behind Crush It Book) Shows How Anyone Can Build Up A Career Around What They’re Passionate About..!

Crush !t Does Talks About Passion , Working Hard , Growing Your Own Business , Convert little Amount Of Money Into Lots Of Money.. Believing In Yourself And To Creat You Own Unique Path.. Lots Of Aspects But One Basic Thing " Success ''..!

I Read Somewhere '' If You Are Willing To Do Something Even If No One Paid You.. Then You Are Truley Passionate About It.. '' .. So Go Ahead Ask Yourself: '' What's My Passion..?! '' Once You Answer That You May Seek The Chance Not Only To Do Something You Love.. But To Success In It.. ! 

The Seminar Will Be In Kuwait Inshallah :
Date : Tuesday Oct 25th 2011
Time : From 5pm to – 10pm
It Will be held in Salwa , Marina Hotel ( Al-sabah Ballroom )

You Can Chek Them Out..

Follow On Twitter: @CrushItSeminar


Let's Crush it..!!! :D


  1. Mashalla 3alach wonderful post :D intay you crushed !t ;p

  2. Woow, I love it! I loved each single word :)!
    Thanks for the inspiration. You got an amazing way of writing by the way :)

  3. 7abitainBLOG: Thaaaanks Alooooot Wallaaah Your Words Made The Rest Of My Day :D!!!

  4. Danah: Awwww That's So Sweet Danaa :***
    Thanks For The Sweet Words Wallaah..
    You guys Make Me Go On !!

  5. well well well ... ;) Miss crush it ! loved ur post :*****


  6. Awww Thanks sonjaaa :***
    Inshllaaah We all Gonna Crush It :D


    Eee be yourself that's what I like about you mo nafs some blogs bs copy-paste a certain style, your blog is YOURS to talk about urself..

    <3 ya

  8. Fickle: Aww That's Sweet :$$
    Thaaaanks Wallaaaah 3alaa Hal kalaaam al7elooo
    I So Loved It :***
    InShallaah I'll always Be Me And That's What You Will All See In This Blog :**