Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hallema Defend Herself..!!

Hello There..

I Think Most Of You Saw The Videos Of " Hallema Bolan " .. I  Was Actually In Shock When I Saw Them.. And Thought How Could She..?!!

But Yet My Aunt Called Me And Told Me To See The Tv And Listen To Hallema Defending Herself Live..
Check The Video Out..

And It's Up To You To Believe Those Videos Or Her..


  1. beside this story! 7ad'ha kasra kha6ree that she lost her twins.

  2. Hmmm..
    I somehow believed it when I heard it.. I didnt watch ur video.. Cant actually cuz I am at work now.. 7adii mayta abee asma3 to c what she said :P
    Inshalla will check it at home and will come with a new comment ;p

  3. poor girl , i feel that she is loosing everything , ma gdrt te7afeth 3laa mstawaaha

  4. RuBY_GLooM: Eeeh Wallah .. Allah y3awe'9ha Inshallah I Know It's Hard

  5. Butterfly Chick : Inshallaah Waiting For Your Comment :D

  6. Newq8bride: Allah y3awe'9ha about her twins.. And Whether This True Or Not.. She Should Be Careful.. Fame World Isn't That Pretty

  7. :/ its all crumbling down ... ra7at 3alaiha

  8. Meskeena ksrat 5a6rii 9ij..
    Allah e3awe'9ha yarab badal ely 5esrathum..
    Bas allah yahdeeha she has to be careful next time.. Ya3ni we all saw how she was standing modeh 6weela oo talbes ka3ab.. lazem et7aseb halmara..
    bas 9ij ksrat 5a6ri.. may God help her

  9. RED_SONJA_Q8 : Well She's Trying :p..

  10. Butterfly Chick : Allaah y3awe'9ha inshallah
    eeh allah yhadaha b3ad..
    allah katb ha shay. o alwa7d malah ygol ela al7mdallah 3ala kel 7aal