Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Life On Paper..!

Hello There..

Everyone Has A Diary And Writes Everything In it And That Diary Is Called " LIFE ".. Everyday Is Written In A Line, Paragraph Or A Page.. Every Little Detail Is Mentioned.. Every Tear Every Bite.. Every Smile And Every Sight.. Nothing Is Ever Missed.. It's All In There Inside Your Diary..

Chapter After Chapter You Life Is Written.. Your Path Is Going.. No Matter How Your Life Is You Will Be Surprised Of Who Wants To Get Involved In It.. Who Wants To Read Your Diary And Be Part Of It.. They May Do It While You Are Aware Of It Or Not.. You May Actually Let Them.. You May Unintentionally Let Them Read Or Maybe Write Your Pages For You.. Write Your Lines In Their Own Way..!

And As Long As You Gave Them That Power.. They Will Find The Other Invisible Power That Can Balance Or Imbalance Your Diary.. And That Power Is.. The Power To " Torn Up The Papers ".. Yes I'm Not Kidding.. Imagine You Gave Them The Full Control Over Your Diary.. To Write, To Read To Add To Erase.. Wouldn't They Go Far..?! Go Way Beyond That..

Imagine Them Trying To Destroy You.. Torning Up Every Single Page Of Your Diary Slowly.. Suddenly You Started To Realize.. You're Losing Memories, Thoughts, Events, Names, Numbers, Places, And By Every Paper Gone You Start To Forget.. By Every Chapter Is Gone You Start To Lose Yourself.. And By The Time Your Diary Is All Torned Up You Figure Out You Lost Your Life And Regret..!

That's What Will Happen If You Let Others Control Your Life.. It's Ok For Some To Get Involved But Don't Let Them Hold The Pen For You.. And " You May Always Listen But It's Always Your Decision ".. Engrave You Prints In Your Own Life.. Don't Just Let Them Disappear Easily..

And No Matter What God Had Written For You.. Or What's Your Fate Is Going To Be.. There Are Still Some Decisions You Have The Authority To Make..

So It's Your Diary.. You Write It.. It's Your Life.. You Live It..!

Done.. Thoughts By Me..

P.s: ( It's Not The Name On The Papers That Counts.. It's What's You've Done That Make You Remembered..! )


  1. All I can say is I loved it.. I really loved every word you mentioned here and I agree with you in a lot of what you said!

    " You May Always Listen But It's Always Your Decision "..
    I strongly believe in that! Listen no harm of listening but always do what you think is right.. Always do what you believe in.. Dont let others make your own decision!

  2. So Glad You Like It :D
    Thaaaanks For Your Sweet Words :D

  3. Hadi : Thaaanks :D Inshallah I will :D