Friday, August 12, 2011

To My Grandpa...

Hello There..

I Remember One Day ,Couple Weeks Ago We Took A Ride In Car With Mom.. And We Thought We Can Pass By Our Grandpa's Old House Were We Spend Almost Our Whole Childhood.. We Only Had To Look At The House From The Out Side.. Then Boom A Flash Back, It Was Enough To Bring Back So Much Memories.. Good Ones.. Bad Ones.. Doesn't Matter As Long As It Moments We Lived And Now We Share It As Our Growing Past.. Or A History Will Remains Not Only Between The Old House's Walls But In Our Hearts And Minds To0..

From Blurring Visions I Cannot Remember.. To Playing With Baribe Dolls.. From Running All Around Trying To Catch Each Other.. To Playing School And Become Teachers At A Very Early Age.. From Playing Some Of Our Old Games Such As " Alwan Shai6an , 6abeb , Kharoof Emsalsal .... Etc" .. To Hunting Ghosts In The Second Floor.. From Acting In Our Home Made Plays.. To The Trips Every Evening We Take To The Super Market.. From Our Naive Childish Talks To Becoming Teenagers.. Good Old Days..

Ooh About The Ghost Hunting Thing.. On One Of Our Zwara's Days It Was Noon.. Me And Two Of My Cousins Went Upstairs To Prepare A Room To Play In.. While Doing That I Was Hanging Something On The Door.. While I Heard Another Door Opens A Close Across The Hallway.. I Realized This Wasn't Something Normal Since That Room Has No Windows..!! But I Didn't Freaked Out.. I Told My  Other Cousin About It Then She Said :'' Ok We Need To Go Downstairs Right Now''... And We Did I Wouldn't Say We Were Running We Were Actually Calm.. But After Half An Hour We Wanted Our Stuff Back.. From Upstairs.. But We Didn't Want To Go Alone.. We Took All Our Family Kids With Us ( We Were The oldest At That Time Around 10-11 years old).. We Got Our Stuff But While We Were About To Finish.. We Said Why Not We Make Sure That Door Is Closed.. But No One Wanted To Do it.. So We Asked Our Youngest Cousin She Was Around 4 And Didn't Know What She Was There For.. And Asked Her To Close The Door ( OMG Mean Mean Us ).. It Went Like This: '' Sara, Please Close The Door.... ''. She Goes And Close The Door.. A Moment Of Silence We All Were Staring At That Door.. And She Closed It.. We Heared The Sound That Comes Out From The Doorknob When You Close Doors.. It's Closed.. We All Still Staring.. Out Of Sudden The Door Opened Without The Doorknob Being Used.. We Literally Freaked Out We ( The Oldest In The Group ) Screamed.. And The Rest Of The Kids Freaked Out Without Knowing What Was The Reason Behind Us Being Scared..!!!! And We All Ran Down Stairs.. Exept For Our Hero '' Sara '' Who Started Crying And Stood In Her Place.. Damn it.. Now Someone Has To Go Up And Get Her Back.. ( Yeah No One Wanted To.. ) It Was A Mission " Who's Up For It Guys..?!! '' No One.. Ok Plan B We looked At Her And Said: '' Sara Come Down.. '' But She Refused To And Conitnued Crying.... Back To Plan A.. No One Wants To Go.. So We Were Out Of Plans.. Untill Her Sis Volunteered To Pick Her Up..  Since Then It Was Sometimes Hard For Us To Go Upstairs.. But It Wasn't Hunted It Only Was Our Wild Wild Imagination :P ..

I Cannot Believe We Grew Up Fast.. Miss Those Old Days.. Some Of Us Are Mothers Now.. There Were Lots Of Other Mini Adventures.. But I'm Glad To Dedicate This Post To The Man Who Made Our Childhood Special.. A Man I Will Always Look Up To..  '' Grandpa "... We All Miss You.. I Miss The Time You Used To Tell Us Stories About The Sea And About Your Job.. I Miss The Time When You Yell At Us When We Mess Up The Rooms.. You Will Always Be The Strongest Man Who Wouldn't Let Us See His Weakness, His Pain And His Sorrow.. You Always Welcomed Us With A Not Big But Huge Smile.. You Were Always Known A Great Guy With The Kindest Heart.. Everyone Remembers You In Good Way Cuz You Left Behind An Honorable Reputation.. I'm Proud To Be You Grandaughter.. And Proud You Are My Grandfather.. May You Soul Rest In Peace ( Allah Yer7mek )..  I Don't Have Other Words To Write Really.. But You'll Always Be The First Name To Look For In Our Family Tree..

P.s: ( Grandpa: Every Kiss.. Every Hug And Every Touch Will Engraved By Your Name.. You Will Always Be Rememebered..! )

And I Thought This Song Will Match The Whole Idea Of This Post.....



  1. Oh yeah memories are treasure.You have remind me of my childhood .Ruining and staying at grandparents home .Playing with cousins.Oh boy ,those were days. Beautysome post .So touched.

  2. alah yr7emah, may his soul rest in peace

  3. ♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ : Yeah Memories Are Treasure As you said.. So Miss Those Old Days !!

  4. Aziz Q8Blend: Amen o yer7aam amwat almslmeeen yarab :D

  5. Allah Yir7umah, LOL Every Kuwaiti House From 80's To The 90's Has The Same Stories And Traditional Games!, Faking That We So Ghosts And Creep Each Other, Not Like These Days Kids.. ipods And ipads And Stuff Like That Make-up And Fancy Dresses That's Not Your Age -.-

  6. allah yesr7ma inshallah
    I wish if those days come back..

  7. Omar Yousef: Ameeeen Yarab...
    LoL So True Jeeeel Altechnology :P may7achoooon :Pheheehe ayamnaa a7laa :D

  8. iyaa: Ameeen yarb o yer7am amwat almoslmeen
    EEeeh wallah a7laa ayaaaam