Monday, August 15, 2011

I Was Tagged..!!!

I Was Tagged By My Friend Izdiher A Lovely Blogger I Recently Knew And Amazing reader To My Blog <33 .. And By The sweetes Girl Ever I so Love Her Bintilkuwait90
So Let's Answer My Tagged Questions :D


Available : Yes
Age: 23
Animals: Umm I Love Cats, Dogs, Benguins Butterflies And StarFish :D


Beer: I Don't Drik Beer..!
Best Friends: Al7emdallah I Have Few Best Friends And I'll Keep Them For Me :$ ( I Won't Share :p )
Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes And Smile
 Best feeling in the world: When In love, And holding a New Born Baby
Best weather: Cloudy Cold Rainy Day ( I Love Rain <3 )
Been in Love: It's Personal So I'll Keep This To Me :D
Been on stage: Yup Once In School I Love Acting hehe
Believe in Magic: It Does Exist Whether I bleieve in it Or Not
Believe in Santa: Common I'm 23 Yr Old I Know It's Not Real..!
Brand: Whatever I Like And Suits Me


Candy: Sweet Little Friends
Color: Black , Grey , Navy Blue
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate Is My Passion <33
 Chinese/Indian/Italian: Italiano :P
Cake or pie: I Don't Mind Both
Cheese: Ummm Not That Much


Day or Night: Both :D
Dancing in the rain: Why Not..!!


 Eyes: Says A lot Look Wisely In Them To Listen
Ever failed a class: Yup Twice :D
Enemies: Hope I Don't Have One
Exercise: Sometimes Walking, Dancing, Running


First thoughts waking up: Hope Today Is A Better Day
Food: Aww I Just Love Food.. If Only I Can Eat Without Gaining weight :P


Greatest Fear: To Die Before I See My Dream Come True
Get along with your parents: Al7mdallah Yes :D

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Happy: Al7mdallah 3ala kel 7al
Holiday: Hope One Day I Visit Maldives


Ice Cream: Yum Yum <3


Jewelry: Diamonds Are Lovely :P
Job: Unemployed


Kids: Inshallah Someday :$
Kickboxing or karate: No My Man Will Protect Me :P hehe But I Have Tactics :P
Keep a journal: Not always


Love: A Feeling I'll Always Believe In..
Laughed so hard you cried: A Lot And I Like It :D


Milk flavor: I'm Ok With It :D
Movies: Love'em  , I Can Watch Anything :D
Motion sickness: I Sometimes Have It when I Read In The Car


Number: 1 Or 11 :P


One wish: I wish That All Your wishes You wish To Happen To Come true :D


Perfect Pizza: Pepperoni Pizza with Extra cheese, Or Vegi. Pizza With Meat balls :P
Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi
Perfume/Cologne: Perfume :D


Quail: 5osh wa7d xD


Reason to cry: When I'm hurt And Treated unfairly
Reality T.V: Not That much Interested
Radio Station: Marina Fm 88.8 , super station 99.7

Song: Lots But Now It's " What If - Kate winslet ''
Shoe size: Depends On The Shoe's Model But Mostly 39
Salad Dressing: Depends On The Salad 
Strawberries/Blueberries: Love'em
Sport: Shopping Is My Favorite sport :P hehe Running To0
Sex: What Am I Suppose To Write Here?!!!


Tattoos: don't Have and Never Will
Thunderstorms: Amazing to See but Stay Away They Are Scary


Unpredictable: Yup Sometiems Being always Predictable Is Boring


Vacation spot(s): I'd love to Go To Many Places Inshallah I do


Weakness: Smile And Sweet Words :P
Who makes you laugh the most:P: Funny People :P
Worst Weather: Hot, Humid dusty


X-Rays: Did It Once


Year it is now: 2011
Yellow: Nice Color


Zoo animal: Poor Creatures Need To Be Free

So Now I Need To Tag And Dunno Who's Up For It Really.. So Who's Up And Tell Me to Tag Him Or Her :D It's For Everyone :D

This Was at first Now I Wanna Tag : IyaaBlog , Q8Rain , Red_Sonja_Q8 , Ruby_GloOoM , Fickle_d , iiEsperanza , MariamAshkanani , Chi7LeBloger And Mask Tales

Go Ahead Answer People :D


  1. Since You Loved It.. You Are Tagged :D

  2. iyaa : 7abebtii wallaaah waiting for yours :D
    Mo tnsaaaain

  3. chi7leb: Yup 7adaah Na6raa ajwebtch :D

  4. cool one berroo ;) u and gold tagged me ;)

  5. RuBY_GLooM : :D Eeeeeh Ruby :P Mlageeef... I'll Check Your answers

  6. al7een el mafroth aswey copy paste for the same questions ?

  7. nice and cute answers :* o balashteena ebhal tag :P LOL

  8. Rainy : Yup Sorry For The Late Reply..
    I'll Check Your answers :D

  9. RED_SONJA_Q8 : Heheheh Sonjaa Na6rtch tjawbeeeen :P

  10. "Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes And Smile"
    I am attracted to these two things too :$ I just adore the cute way they smile lol

    "One wish: I wish That All Your wishes You wish To Happen To Come true :D"
    hahaha how sweet.. come on you will wish for others and wont make your own wish? :P

    "Weakness: Smile And Sweet Words :P "
    LOOOL every girl's weakness the sweet talk :P

    enjoyed reading :D

  11. Butterfly Chick: Hehe It's Nice To Wish For My Wish And Other People's wish To Come True :D

    Hehehehee :$$

    Glad You enjouyed :D