Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get Used To Change..!

Hello There..

Let's Take A Look At This Say.. 
“ The Only Thing Constant In Life Is Change..” ~ Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Then Look Around You.. You Will Realize Everything Is Changing Around You No Matter How Long It's Been The Same.. Change Can Be Noticeable Like The Change Of Trees Leaves Through The Year .. Or Unnoticeable Like Your Weight Or Height Which You Need To Measure To Notice That Change..

Within Every Second Pass By Everything Is Exposed  To Change.. Even Change Itself Change.. Sometimes Change Become Fast Or Slow.. Hard.Or Easy.. Good Or Bad.. Even Better Or Worse..! Nothing Stays The Same Forever.. So Don't Rely On That..!
We All Gonna Face Change Whether We Want It Or Not.. Change Is Happening.. The Only Way To Face It Is To Adjust With It.. Maybe This Adjustment Won't Be Easy At First.. But Eventually You Will.. Just don't Fight It.. Change Can Be Good Well Sometimes..

P.S: ( Time Is Passing.. Change Is Happening.. You Still Can Change.. Don't Wait For Change To Change You..! )

While Writing This Song Came Into My Mind.. And Yes I'm A BSB Fan :D..!!


  1. You are right dear , but but but sometimes this change could lead into a disaster. Trust me

  2. iMaGiNaTiOn: Well It Depends On The Change.. And How You Deal With It..! So You May surprise Yourself :D

  3. agree but sometime we took time to realize this fact

  4. Chi7LeBloger: yeah o ha shay better than not realizing at all