Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We Will Always Remember " 2-8-1990 ''..

Hello Everyone..

Today Is " 2-8-2011 ''.. And Even After 21 Years.. I Can't Say The Wound Healed.. And Even If It Has The Trace Of It Will Still Remains.. In Our Heart..  Our Memories And Our Lives..

In This Same Date.. 21 Years Ago.. It Was Thursday.. A Day Were Safity And Normal Life A Bless We All Used To Have, Became A Valuable Wish.. A Day Were Home Was No Longer Home.. A Day Were Being A Kuwaiti Was An Execution Sentence..

Life Became Hard.. And Day By Day Under This Cruel Invasion.. Life In Kuwait Became A Matter Of Survival.. But Yet We Survived.. We Survived Cuz We Became One.. Survived Cuz Kuwait Was In Everyone's Heart.. Still Is.. Forver Will Be..

So Even After Folding 21 Pages We May Forgive But will Never forget (2-8-1990)..

I Have no More words To Write.. But You see Those Videos May Help To dilever The Messege..
I Did Once Post About A Kuwaiti Family's Diary During The Invasion You Can Check It Here: Something To Remember..


  1. I am not Kuwaiti but i opened my eyes in 1988 and our family had to leave the country in 1990 again we again came back in 1992

    Even i am not Kuwaiti but i treat myself as one and i have this feeling inside me that this is original mother land and what ever it gave me since i opened my eyes.

    I could never repay the debts of this dear land towards me but when ever this country needs me i am there for her even if i have to pay with my life i would be willing to do that.

    May Allah give Jannat-al-ferdous to our shaeeds and give Patience to their family ameen ya rab ul alameen

    3amaar ya Kuwait.

  2. iMaGiNaTiOn: Exactly We Won't

  3. Kuwait'S blog: You Wrods Were Like That Winter Breeze That We Need In This Hurt Burn Memory..
    Kuwait Was always Been within Us As Kuwaities And You Guys Who Live In Kuwait And Consider It Your Original Home..

    It's Always A bless To Have People Like you..
    Thanks Alot For such Sweet Wrods..

    اللهم ارحم شهداءنل وشهداء المسلمين وفك قيد اسرانا واسرى المسلمين

    3mar ya kuwait :D

  4. ♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ : Thanks Alot :D