Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bloggers Gathering..

Hello World..

Yesterday I Gladly Attended The " Bloggers Gathering "  First Launching Event Which Was Held At The Regency Hotel.. To Be Honest I Was Very Nervous At First Cuz I Went All By Myself.. And I Didn't Met The Bloggers I Knew Before.. But The Atmosphere There Was  So Friendly.. I Wouldn't Say I Was Surprised By The Whole Event Been Well Organized  And Prepared Cuz I Expected This Great Job From The Organizers.. Thanks A Lot Guys Your Hard Work Did Payed Off Yesterday ( Al7mdallah )...

The Event Started About An Hour Late, Because Organizers Waited For More People To Arrive.. At First It Started With Quran Recitation By " @fahadalkandri ".. And The Whole Event Was Presented By " @M_Mdhk " Who Started Talking About The Important Role Played By Blogs And Bloggers Which Started As A Small Community But Now It's Growing Fast..

Then Organizing Committee And Director of Public Relations " Rahaf Alanjiri " Begun Her Speach Which Was About Bloggers And Their Major Effect On Society.. Then '' @mutawacg '' Director Of Mubaader - Innovative Entrepreneurship One Of The " @bloggersgather '' 's Supporters.. He Talked About How Important blogs Are, And Each Blog Has Different Aspect And Focus That Help To Improve The Kuwaiti Society And Bringing All Those Different Blogs Together Is The Main Idea And Starting Point From This Gathering..

After Those Amazing Encouraging Words..  " @BarakatAlwegyan " Started His Speach Before He Started The Bloggers Discussion With Some Fellow Bloggers And I Tried To Catch All The Blogs Names: Newq8bride , Bloglaish , Hikuwait , And 4rocknrollers Sorry For Other Blogs Didn't Catch Your Names..

I Really Enjoyed My Time There.. Though It Got Late And Couldn't Meet Lots Of Bloggers.. But Inshallah Next Time.. Looking Forward The Next Event :D.. 

It's A Pleasure and Honor To Meet My Friends : @april_q8 , @IyaaBlog , @OmarVlogable And  @kuwaitsblog  ..

And Last But Not Least I Wanna Say Sorry To " Abdulalrazag bu7aji " ( If I'm Not Mistaken By Your Name He Is One Of The Organizers ) We Couldn't Complete Our Conversation Sorry Cuz I Had To Go.. Next Time Inshallah :D and Thanks For Everything..

At Last Thanks To All The People Behind The " Bloggers Gathering " ..

Ooh And I Had My ID:


  1. 3dl 3dl beroo :)
    walah events & gatherings became so so much, thats why we couldn't make it. next time go with sonja & ruby :P

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  3. HeHehehe :$
    Shrayek feni msawya ta'36yaa :P..
    Eeeh 3adel kalaamk they became So much..
    And inshallah Next Event Will See You there..
    You o Sonja And Ruby :D It's Gonna Be Fun :D !!

  4. Eshloun the invite wela entay ibroo7ich itgooleen lehom to invite you?

    I WASN'T INVITED T_________T

  5. Slashy: Actualy There Was A Registration On Their Site Gabl Shahar Ta1reban.. O B3dain Kamlna Altsjel alrasmy Blregency in An application..

    o 5athainha b6aqat da3wa yomha 7g alevent ely kan ams.. Inshallah Lama tkon Feh Other Events ra7 a36eech 5abar :D

  6. I wish I also attend such event .This is awesome. I am sure you have had enjoyed .

  7. @beroo : me & sonja !!! la bt9er 6aq m6aqaq :P

  8. ♥●• Izdiher·•●♥: Yeah Al7mdalah i Had A Great time :D
    InshallahI'll Notify About Other Events And If You Can Attened :D

  9. Aziz Q8Blend : Laa Inshallah May9er 6aag we will keep you guys apart then :P

  10. Thank you for your post.
    Hope you enjoyed our gathering.
    See you in next gathering!

  11. You Are Welcome The Least I Can Do..
    AndAl7mdalah I Really enjoyed My Time There..
    And Inshallah I'll Be There :D

  12. lucky you ! , 3ad kan wdii awy ashofch bs ma9ar x'c

  13. مَرْيَم أَشْكِنَانِي: 7asafa maryom bs inshallah alyayaat akthaar :***

  14. sweeeety Bero0,, nice to see u :)

  15. It Was Nice Meeting You To0 Iyaa :**

  16. It Was My Full Pleasure Meeting You Had A Lot Of Fun!, We Need To Talk More Next Time Inshallah Na7jiz Table Kamla Intay Oo Rifeejatich Oo Rab3y To Talk More!, T3aalaw Mbachir Halmarra Mo T3algoony Nafs 8/8 Intay Oo 7abitan :P

  17. Awww Omar Thanks alot walaah :D
    inshallah alyayaaaat akthaaaar :D
    o mara7 nzr3eeek ehehehe

  18. Lol, BTW i7na shglnaa@@ Capital N :P
    4rockNrollers xp

  19. Yes i was also very glad to meet you guys it was really fun, Who knows next time we would meet or not so this time i wanted to meet my freindS and i am so happy to the real person behind the screen :)

  20. Kuwait'S Blog: Really Glad to Meet you.. Inshallah Next Time We Will :D