Saturday, August 20, 2011

She Struggles..

Hello There...

Let Me Share A Thought..

" She Always Struggles To Live Like Others Do.. 
She Always Struggles To Be Who She Really Is.. 
She Struggles To Show What's Inside..
Struggles To Say Whatever On Her Mind..
Struggles To Be The Woman She Always Wanted To Be..
Somtimes She Struggle And Cry All Alone..
She Struggle And Fight For Her Passion..
She Struggle To Prove Who She Can Be..
It's Simple She Struggles To Be HER..!

She Struggles And Struggles.. And One Day..

She Will Live The Life She Always Wanted..
She Will Know Who She Really Is..
She Will Glow With What's Within..
And You Will Hear Whatever She Says..
You Will See The Woman She Dreamed To Be..
You Will Wipe Her Tears Away Though She Can't Get Enough Of..
The Passion She Once Fought For Is Named By Her..
She's Not That Girl She's Now Dependable..
She Finally Bacame HER..!! "

Thoughts By Me..

P.S: ( It's Hard Road But It's Happening..  Hard Road Will Be Easy To Cross By Time.. She Did It.. So Can You..!! )


  1. So True , no matter what you have faced with a good hope or a good intention for a better future will do that trick to have one

  2. iMaGiNaTiOn: So True Just Be Patient :D

  3. i relate to the first part , hopefully the 2nd one will come true

  4. ♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ : That's A New Word For Me :P

  5. مَرْيَم أَشْكِنَانِي: Inshallaah You Get to The Second Part Soon sweety :***