Monday, August 29, 2011

" Zain Ela 3alam Jamel " The Play..

Hello World..

I Was Invited Yesterday By @ZainKuwait To Attend The Final Rehearsal Of Zain's Play " Zain Ela 3alam Jamel " ( زين الى عالم جميل ) .. I Really Loved The Decoration.. And How They Took Care Of Every Little Detail.. The Customs Were Amazing I Liked The Shoes To0..! It Really Took Me To That Old Period Of Time..
And The Whole Musical Was In '' Arabic العربية الفصحى " ..

But The Main Thing Is The Point Out Of The Whole Play.. Which Is As I See It A Tiny Chapter Of Zain's Beautiful World ( 3alam Jamel ).. If You Have Kids.. This Play Would Be One Of The Best For Them To Enjoy.. And Learn Few Simple Life Lessons..

I Really Loved This Pic :P

Here's The Play's Trailer..

The Play Is Written By Heba Hamada And Inspired From Oliver Twist .. Big Clap For All The Actors And Everyone Behind This Amazing Musical.. You Are Doing A Great Job That Inshallah Will Pay Off..
For Inquiries And Reservations:   90007773 - 90007774

Thanks To @ZainKuwait And @M_Almuhaini For The Great Invitation And A Great Event :D


  1. It is really organized show and wonderful for kids.
    NIce to see you there.

  2. Q8Path : Yeah Very :D Loved it to0..
    Really you Saw Me..?
    7asafa I Didn't See you
    maybe next Time inshallah

  3. nice coverage
    glad u had fun

  4. iMaGiNaTiOn : al7mdallaaah I Did :D o thaaaaanks :D

  5. it was a very nice play o maga9eraw zain wallah :)

  6. swera : eeh wallaah ya36eehom al3afyaaa :D