Friday, March 30, 2012

The 11 Questions Tag.. For 3 Times..

Hello There..

I Was Tagged By My Fellow Bloggers Butterflychick, Q8allinone And Rainy ..

You Can Check Their Posts Here:
Butterflychick: Here
Q8Allinone: Here
Rainy: Here

It's The " 11 Questions Tag ".. It Goes Like This..

Post 11 Random Facts About Yourself.
Answer The 11 Questions I Asked.

Tag 11 Others And Create (11) Questions For Them To Answer.

Inform Those That You Have Tagged.

No Tag Backs.

And Since Each One Of them Have 11 Differet Questions I'll Answer Each One In Different Post.. But Here I Will Post 11 Random Facts About Myself.. My 11 Questions And Who I Want To Tag..

Let's Get Started..

11 Facts About Me :

1. I Believe In Love, Will Never Give Up On That.
2. I Always Look At The Bright Side First.
3. I Sing A Lot When I'm Down.
4. I Don't Like Smoking, Smokers STOP.
5. Chocolate Is My Passion.
6. I'm A Good Person In & Out But I Have My Moments!
7. I Don't Have A Lot Of Friends That's Why I'm Close With My Few Ones. ( Love you Guys )
8. Back In School I Wasn't Popular Or Nerdy But I Was Me..
9. I Think I Once Met My Soulmate but It Wasn't Meant To Be.
10. Yes I'm Emotionally Used, But I Have a Lot More To Give.
11. I Love Writing.

My 11 Questions:

1. What's The Most Amazing Thing You've Accomplish In Your Life So Far?
2. What's The True Blessing You Are Thankful For?
3. If You Were An Actor In What Movie You Will Be In?
4. Do You Love Reading? If Yes What's You Fav. Novel Or Book?
5. What's You Honest Point-view About Marriage?
6. If You Can Go Anywhere, Anywhere Where Will You Go To?
7. If You Were In A Bad Situation And You Can Only Have One Phone Call Who Will You Call?
8. What's The Thing You Can't Live Without?
9. Are You The Kinda Of Person Who Can Talk To A Random Person Sitting Next To You?
10. The Most Embarrassment Moment You've Been Through?
11. Your Honest Thoughts About Me? ( Hehe )

You've Been Tagged:

1. Masktales ( Both Je3da & Rosie )
8. Iyaa
11. Q8blackmarket ( Salem )

Good Luck Guys..

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