Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Event: @P2BKuwaiti Opening Ceremony [ Part 3 ]..

Hello Again..

Let's Check The Last Part Of @P2bkuwaiti VIP Opening..

Then The Funniest Thing Happened Me And @AlMutawwaA From KanshaQ8 Blog Were Checking This Booth Really Nice One Full Of  Fun Scientific Experiments..

Then AlShaikh " Nasser Almohamad '' Passed By.. And The Media Was Following Him.. And It Got Crowded And Crazy I Had To Get Inside The Booth.. But That Gave Me A Great spot To Snap Pictures Of Him..

That's how Crazy It Was :P

They Have Small Competetions And There Will Be A Withdrawl , @AlMutawwaA Joined.. If You Win Always Remember I Snapped This Photo :p ..

You Should Check This Next Booth:

All Of The Showings In This Booth Were Hand Made.. They Give Training Courses On Whatever You Want To Make From The Tradiotonal Items.. And The Courses Length Depends On The Item You Choose, The Details In It And Good You Are In Creating It.. It Really Sounds Great..!
Phone number: 90091445 - 90091446

There's A Lot More Booths But Didn't Had The Time To Check Them All.. You Still Got The Chance To..

@P2BKuwaiti Is Held In Mishref Exhibition Hall #8


  1. I snapped 90% of the photos :P:P:P:P nice post berooooo

  2. ahmad almutawa: LooooL Yeah You Did.. Amazing Shots Wallaah 9ij maga9rt a7mad :D