Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Mother's Day.. To Every Mom Out There..

Hello There..

It's Finally 21-March.. Every Mother's Day..

I'd Rather Call It " Family Day ".. Not That We Need A Day To Celebrate Our Family Love Or Something.. Just An Excuse To Hang Out More Together.. A Day That Bring Us Back Home To Gather..

To Mom & Dad..

You Both Filled Me With Love.. Care And Hope..
You Were Both My Guardian Angels..
No Matter How Over Protected You Got..
No Matter How Strict You Both Were..
No Matter How Sometimes You Spoiled Me..
I'm Just Glad I Was Raised By You..

We've Been Through Times God Knows The Strength We Needed To Get Us Through..
We've Been, Laughing And Crying But We Didn't Do It Alone.. No We Were All There..

We Kept Each Other Strong.. And Always Stood By..
We Gave Each Other Hands.. And Always Will..
We Kept Each Other Responsible.. And That's Who We Are..

From A Daughter, From A Son. From A Grandchild..
We Love.. Always Been, Always Do And Always Will.. !

3asa Allah y5alekom ley yarab o y6awel b3omrkom..

Any To Those Who Lost A Mother, A Father Or A Loved Ones.. God Bless You With Your Patience.. And Never Forget Them Within Your Prayers..

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  1. ♥●• İzdihër •●♥: Thanks sweetie :**

  2. Lovely Poem... I would like to repost the photo in my facebook profile... I'd link back to this website... thanks! :)

  3. jpx3m: Thanks A Lot.. And Feel Free To Re-post The Picture :D