Friday, March 30, 2012

The 11 Qauestions Tag [ Part 2 ]..

Hello Again..

As I Mentioned In My Previous Post: Here
I Was Tagged By " @Q8allinone " To Answer His 11 Questions: Here 


1- What 2 Blogs Do You Visit Or Read Most Often?

2- What’s The Funniest Movie You’ve Ever Seen?
-I Don't Remember The Funniest :P

3- What Would You Do If You Could Be Invisible For One Day?
- I'd Go Scare People And Tape It :P

4- How Long Have You Been Writing A Blog For?
- 1 Year And 3 months

5- Where In The World Would You Like To Visit And Why?
- Maldives Cuz It's Romantic :P

6- What Blogger Would You Love To Meet In Real life?
- I Kinda Met Everyone But I Would Love to Meet: @Q8iyadownunder & @Shesalfah

7- What Is Your Favorite Restaurant?
- Cocoa

8- Who Is The Person You Admire The Most?
- Mom

9- If You Could Travel Back In Time, What Is The One Place Or Event That You Would Aim To Change?
- My Graduation Year, I would Have Fun Much More Than I Did.

10- What Was Your Favorite Childhood Television Show?
- Maroco :P

11- What Is The Best Thing To Happen To You As A Direct Result Of Blogging?
- Being Able To Share The Same Thoughts With People, And Help Making Reading A Priority.

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