Monday, April 23, 2012

Newly Employed..!

Hello There..

The Last Couple Weeks Were Kinda Crazy To Me.. I Officially Became An Employee On " 9 - 4 -2012 ".. And Was So Excited And Happy To Start.. Still I Am..

After Waiting For A Long Time.. It Finally Paid Off.. Thank God For Such A Bless.. I Know Some Would Say There's Nothing Excited About Getting A Job.. Waking Up Early.. And Have This Boring Routine..

But I'm The Kinda Person Who Love To Have Something To Do.. Had Enough Playing Around, Relaxing And Chilling.. I Have A Lot Of Energy To Waste.. And Time To Kill.. So Yeah I'm Super Excited About It.. Whatever Judge Me :P !

So As One Of My Friend Always Say To Me: " 9ertai Mn Al6abaqa Alkade7a " :P

Let's Hope I Stay Possitive About it As I Am Now.. But I'm Sure There Will Be A Lot Of Te7l6ming In The Future.. And That's Normal I Guess.. !

Here's A Post I Wrote When I Was Jobless: Here


  1. Congrats .. allah ywafgich enshallah ^_^ meta el.3asha ?! ;pP

  2. Yeeeey congratulations, who said there is nothing excited about getting a job ??? oh my God I hate staying jobless , yes I am always for work , but when I take a long leave , I really get bored .

    Keep going girl and wish you all the best :*

  3. Hadi: Thanks Alot.. allaah ywafg aljame3 inshallah

    looool soon :P

  4. NewQ8 Bride: Thaaaanks Sweetie :**
    eeh wallah i hate being jobless so al7mdallah better than nothing :D