Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Moon Rising..!

Hello Back Again :D

Remember The Last Lunar Eclipse We Faced.. Well The Moon Got Red.. And I Remember How Most Of Movies Relates The Red Moon With Werewolves Something Like That.. I Tried To Search About It.. But While I Was Searching I Faced A Tittle " Red Moon Rising " .. I Thought It Was A Show Or A Movie.. But It Turned Out To Be A Book Or Let's Say A Novel By: Peter Moore..

I'm Not A Vampire Or Werewolves Fan But The Name Of The Book Stuck In My Head.. And Since My Little Sister Love To Read She Went In Every Book Store In Dubai To Search For Novels.. And When We Went To BORDERS Book Store.. I Checked The Best Sellers Books Section And There I Found This Fimiliar Book.. So I Said Why Not I'll Give It ATry And Read It Something New To Me :P.. Hope I Like It.. !

Here's A Video Of The Auther Talking About It:


  1. Borders.. I didn't see it in Dubai mall.. man I thought I covered the Mall XP
    Book world was amazing and had a huge collection of books and stuff! did ya had a chance to check it?

  2. I Think It Was In City Center..
    I Might Been There Cuz My Sis Kel Book Store Lazm Tchayek 3laih But I Wan't Interesting In Having A book madry shlon sharet hatha :P