Monday, July 11, 2011

Fix It While You Still Can..!

Hello Everyone..

When I Was In Dubai.. We Were Waiting For A Taxi.. And As Always I Was Holding My Necklace Playing With It Gently ( Just A Habit I Have )..

And Just Out Of Sudden It Got Broken.. Well Not Than Broken Just Lost Thing That Holds The Chain And The Little Rock.. I Got Sad A Little Bit Cuz I Really Love That Necklace..

But I Thought " Well It's Better That It Got Broken Within My Hands.. Cuz Now I Can Fix It..! ".. So It's Always A Good Thing When You Realize That You Are Losing Something.. Cuz You May Have A Chance To Fix It, Catch It Back.. Or Hold On To It As Much As You Can..!

And That's Much More Better Than Realizing What You Lost And It's just To0 Late To Do Somthing About It.. Then You Lose That Thing Forever Without Trying..!

And By The Way.. I Fixed My Necklace In The Dragon Mart In Dubai.. Thanks to The Guy Who Works In A Pearls Necklaces  & Accessories Shop.. He Fixed It For Free Though My Dad Offered To Pay For It.. How Sweet.. Really Thanks To You I Got My Favorite Necklace Back :$ ..

P.s ( I May Lost Lots Of Things Before But This Doesn't Mean I Never Tried..! )

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