Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dream Big.. Expect Less..!

Hello Everyone..

We Wake Up Everyday Hoping That This Day Is Better Than The Day Before.. We Wake Up Everyday Hoping That This Day Is The Day We Make One Of Our Dreams Come True..

Hope And Faith Are Two Of Many Factors In Life That Keeps Us Move On No Matter How Hard Life Gets.. But To Be Honest.. Both Of Them Need Another Factor Which Is " Patience "..

As Humans We Have Needs And Wants.. And We Want To Satisfy Them As Soon As Possible.. We Just Can't Wait.. No Matter What Your Dream Is.. Or How Big It Can Get.. Give It Some Time.. If It Meant To Happen It's Gonna Happen..

Don't Rush Into Everything..  Don't Be down Just Because You Didn't Get What You Want.. Or Because Things Didn't Go The Way You Planned Or The Way You Expected.. Cuz We Never Know What's Gonna Happen.. Or What We Gonna Get..

And Don't Look At Others.. Or Thier Dreams.. You Will Get Your Own Dream.. Your Own Happiness.. Just Wait For It.. And If For One Moment You Lost Faith In Yourself, Your Dream And From Your Life.. Think Of The Less Fortunate.. Think Of Others Who Couldn't Have What You Have.. This Way You'll Appreciate What You Already Have..

People Look At Other People's Lives Forgetting That They Are Others To Other People..! So Keep On Dreaming.. Plan For Your Life.. Just Make Sure That You Have A Backup Plan Just Incase Life Took You To Another Road.. Just Be Prepared To Face The Unexpected.. And Get Ready For The Next Hit Whether It's Good Or Bad..!

P.s: ( Be Ready For Everything But Always Dream Big And Expect Less..! )


  1. "Think Of Others Who Couldn't Have What You Have.. This Way You'll Appreciate What You Already Have.."

    This sentence is so meaningful often we seem to look on people who have more then us and at the end we are the one who are depressed and sad at the end of the day what ever you have be content :)

  2. " Keep your hopes up high and your head down low " - ADTR

    and i like the song better when Adem Lambert is singing it :P

  3. ♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ : Thanks A lot..

  4. KuwaitS blog: so true.. we all do that that's why we need to remind ourselves that some people wish to have what we have..

  5. مَرْيَم أَشْكِنَانِي : loved the quote <33
    And Kris allen sing it waaay better than adam :P

  6. Well said ... I love the song .. so motivating ... although Adam Lambert is a better singer .. Kris did this one better ;p

  7. Hadi: Thanks A lot.. and i love this song with kris's voice :D