Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ramadan Is Knocking On The Doors..

Hello Everyone..

We Are Only One Day Away From The Holy Month RAMADAN To Start.. Just Wanted To Say : Kel 3am o Entaw Ebkhair o 3asa Allah Ybal'3kom 9yamah o 8yamah .. And Best Wishes To All Of You Guys..

So It's A New Beginning.. So Forgive Everyone And Start  Asking Forgiviness From Others.. Take Care Of Yourselves And Of Others.. Don't Eat To0 Much :P You Don't Wanna Gain More Weight..! :p

And Most Of All.. What You Learn To Do In Ramadan Or What You Start Doing In Ramadan Make Sure It Doesn't Go Away In Other Months.. It's A Good Way To Start Something And Keep Doing It For As Long As You Can..

As For Me Beside Lots Of Things I Want To Start.. I May Start Learning To Cook.. Well Don't Get To0 Excited.. I'll Learn Few Easy Stuff From Mom.. And I'll Post About It Inshallah :D And Ofcourse I Will Manage Sometime For Reading As I'm In A Reading Challenge ..! .. I Still Didn't Choose Another Book Beside Quran And " Red Moon Rising ".. Cuz I'll Be Focusing Also On Writing My Novel To0.. I'll Keep You Updated :D

So At Last.. Kel 3am O Entaw Ebkhair :D
O 3asakom Mn 3wadah :D


  1. 3alainaa o 3alaaik.. o 3asak mn al3aydeen o alfayzeen :D

  2. O intay eb khair o 9i7a o salama dear berrooo :***

  3. 7bebtiii wallaaah :**** mbarak 3laich alshahar