Friday, July 29, 2011

Burning Car Infront Kuwait Towers..!

Hello Everyone..

Today We Went Out For A Family Night Out.. And As Soon As We Were At The Parking Beside Kuwait Towers I Noticed How People We Focusing On One Direction And It Was A Chaos, At First I Thought It Was A Fight.. But Then I Saw A Car On Fire..!

There Was A Car Accident And One Of The Cars Started To Brun, Dunno How Many Cars Were Involved Or How Injuries But Thank God No One Was In That Burning Car.. Well It's A Good Thing That There Were People Around To Help The Drivers And Call Emergency Lines.. But The Number Of People Was So Huge They Were More Curious To Look At The Accident.. And To Be Honest It Was Dangerous Cuz That Car Was Burning Fast It Could've Explode ( Thank Go It Didn't ).. And There Were Kids All Around..

Yeah I Was Curious To0 But I Was Kinda Far Away From The Accident.. Hope No One Got Hurt..
And Please People Becareful While Driving.. Take Care Of Yourselves So You Can Take Care Of Others..
And sorry For The Pictures Quality They Were From My Mobile..


  1. we were entering signor sassi the same time that accident happened .... it was like big braking then BOOOOOOM and then some screaming and such ... but we were so late on family so couldnt see what happened exactly but thanx god no one got hurt in that flame

    allah el7afeth

  2. eeh wallaah al7afe'9 allaah..
    Al7mdalah wasn't that serious