Monday, July 11, 2011

Song Of The Day..


I Started Writing A Novel.. And This Song Has Stuck In My Mind.. Since It Express Most Of The Feelings In My Novel.. And I Totally Love This Song..

Hope You Like It.. Enjoy..


  1. One of my fav songs.
    I think her new album comes out this month,

  2. Mine To0 <3
    Inshallah i will be waiting for it :D

  3. really loved this song ... its like saying everything on my mind
    and just want to say to some one
    "i wish you come back again, miss the way you touch my face, miss the way you look @ me, miss the way you give me that smiel , i miss you" Yours Truly ... Broken&unrepaired

  4. Aww That's So Sweet..
    It's The Things That We Can't Say That Breaks Us Slowly Through Time..
    From Now On I'll Always Say What I Feel.. No Matter What..