Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Really Not Me..!


I'm Sorry For Being Away From My Blog And You Guys.. I Was So Busy.. But Today I Decided To Write Something.. Hope This Can Make It Up To You :D

Have You Ever Heard The Phrase : " It's Me I Didn't Change..!".. Well To Be Honest I Don't Believe In That.. Every Day Is A Challenge To Us.. Every Day We Learn New Things.. We Experience Stuff.. We Feel Differently From The Day Before.. Every Day Is A New Me..!

Let's Take An Empty Space And Build A House As An Example.. And Every Day Take A Picture Of The Building Progress.. You Will See Changes Takes You From The Scratch To The Very End.. Where The Beginning Differs From The Ending..! Or Let's Say You Had A Cut In Your Hand Today.. Then You Are The Same You But With A Cut In Your Hand.. So It's A New You..

So How About A Human Being.. A Person Who Face Changes Within Not A Day Or Hours Or Minutes But Within Seconds..! Within Seconds You Gain Or Lose.. You Live Or Die.. You Laugh Or Cry.. Within Seconds You Change A Little Bit Than What You Were Before.. You Become Or May Become Wiser Or More Stupid Who Knows.. What I Do Know Is Who I Was Before Is Not Me Anymore..!

Yes It's Still Me.. The Old Me.. But Improved One Or Unimproved And That Depends On You..! Yeah I'm Sure If You Go 6 Years Ago.. I Will Be That Naive Little Girl Who Thinks The World Is So Easy ToLive In.. And Now I'm A Young Woman.. Who Is Struggling To Fit In..

The Old Me Is Part Of Me.. But Is Not The Whole Me Today.. The Whole Me Is Part Of Who I Will Become.. But It's Not All Who Will I Become.. So Between Now And Then We Don't Change Only By How We Look.. We Change A Lot More In How We Think.. And What We Belive In.. And What We Experience.. Which Influence Our Personalities And Attitudes.. And This Process Go On..

So Don't Say " It's Still Me I Didn't Change A Bit.." Cuz You Might Be Talking To Someone Who Think The Same Way As I Do.. And You May Disagree.. But That's How I Think So I Hope You Respect My Thoughts So I Can Respect Yours.. :D

P.s: ( Yes I Used to Be Someone.. And Now I'm Someone Different.. And I Don't Know Who Will I Be In My Future.. Only Depends On How I Face Life.. And On My Choices..! )


  1. first of all : you're awesome plz dont change ... much !

    2nd : yes we all change whether we like it or not bs hatha mo 3thr 7ag ashya2 wayed !

    akhiran ;p : it doesn't matter how much we change as long as we're holding to that little part inside of us that makes us who we are , that part who makes Beroo Beroo even though years will change you ;)

  2. **Yes It's Still Me.. The Old Me.. But Improved One Or Unimproved And That Depends On You..!**

    loved what you wrote here! I totally agree with you.. Usually people say we didnt change you changed.. while the fact is we both changed! everything in life cud change us.. maybe we dun see the change but others sure will!..

    I changed to a better person ! to a person who thinks always positive :) and I thank God for that..

    loved ur post and cant say more :)

  3. You are totally right .
    yesterday is different from today is different from tomorrow .
    I myself became a total different person from the *clown* of the house to THAT pessemistic guy that has only negativity in his life . And tomorrow might be better or ...... it's going to be worse .

  4. مَرْيَم أَشْكِنَانِي: 7bebtii wallah I'll Always Be Me With Changes In My Life And Thats Something I Can't Stop..!

    And You ARe Right Something Inside Us Will Always Remind Us Of Who We Were.. No Matter How Much We Change ..

    Thanks For Your Comment :***

  5. Butterfly Chick:Thanks Wallah.. And You Are So Right..! We All Change And It Depends On How We Face Our Lives..

    Really Loved You Passing By My Blog.. It's Always Makes Me Happy When New Bloggers ( New As I Just Know About Them :p ) Check My Blog.. I'll Check Yours Inshallah And Hopefully We Get To Know Each Other :D

  6. iMaGiNaTiOn: Well Je3da You May Change That .. I Know You Faced Alot In Your Life.. And You Will Face More But Hopefully This Not Change The Whole You Cuz You Are A Great guy.. But Change That Pessemistic Part :p

  7. I think we want change everytime its a human nature we are bored from being/doing the same thing but i guess a change is as good long as it is for betterment of yourself and people around you.

    There always place of improvement but we love you as you are ukhti always smile :)

  8. Kuwait's blog: Very true :D the only thing that is constant in life is change :D

    and thanks i will be me but i'm sure i'll change somehow but i won't change on people who i care about