Friday, July 29, 2011

@Q8Blend 's Challenge..!


To Be Honest I Should've Post This Few Days Ago.. But Lazy Me.. Anyway I'm Not The Kinda Person Who Read.. So There's No Way You Would See Me Go To A Bookstore And Look For Or Buy Books.. It All Started This Year.. I Read Some Of My Sister's Novels ( She Loves To Read ).. The Point Is When I Read About My Friends @Q8Blend 's Challenge I Was So Glad To See A Lot Of People Do Still Read..!

The Idea Of The Challenge Is To Pick A Book Or More To Read During The Holy Month.. Check It Here:

As For Me.. I'm Focusing A Lot On Writing But I'm Still Looking For Novels And Books To Read.. I Need To Do It Fast.. But As For Now I Have One Novel I Didn't Finish Yet.. Would Be Nice If I Did :D

The Novel Is : Red Moon Rising

So Do I Think I Can Do It..? Inshallah Why Not.. And Do You Think You Can Do It..?! Well You Can Just Start Planning And Don't Waste More Time..!!!

Kel 3am o Entaw Eb5air.. :D


  1. Thanks for spreading the word dear ;)

  2. You are welcome Mohd.. it's the Least I Cant Do :D