Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Me @Bloggersgather ..

Hello Everyone..

Today I Went To The Regency Hotel To Complete My Registration To This Wonderful Community " Bloggersgathering " , That Will Bring A Lot Of Bloggers Together.. So We Can Meet And Learn From Each Other.. I Loved The Idea..That's Why I Encouraged Myself To Be Part Of It..

And When I Was There About 11 am .. It Was Kinda Quiet.. But I Really Loved How Friendly The Organizers Were.. They Really Helped To Complete My Application Form.. And Gave Me A Brief Summary About The Bloggers Gathering Idea.. And The Upcoming Event Which Will Be On 8th-Aug-2011 ( Inshallah ).. I would Really Give You A Much Credit With Your Names Guys.. But Sorry Didn't Get The Chance To Introduce Myself And to Know Your Names.. Looking Forward To Meet You Inshallah Next Event..

And I Managed To Register For My Friend : @EdgeiMaGiNaTion ( The Owner Of The New Blog : MaskTales  Since He Is Not In The Country..

So If You Are A Blogger And Want To Join.. You Can Visit Them Today As It's The Last Day To Officially Register :
At The Regency Hotel ( Seham Ballroom )
Time: 4pm-7pm
Date 26 July 2011

And Follow Them On Twitter: @Bloggersgather

It's The Last Day.. Don't Miss It :D Really Looking Forward To Attend The Event And Meet All My Fellow Bloggers.. It Really Would Be An Honor..  


  1. Wow , I wish i was there . Thank you so much dear . Can't find words to thank you.

  2. Yeah Really Wiss You were..
    but don't worry there will be alot of events you will catch up inshallaah :D
    and you are more welcome maswaait shay :D

  3. gonna see you both soon .... :D