Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Very Late Goodbye ...


A Story Of Two Lovers.. Couldn't Say Goodbye To Each Other.. And Had To Travel At The Same Day.. But Withing Different Time.. ( Inspired When I Was In The Airport )...

She Walked In The Airport.. And Stood There.. Looking Around Her.. Took A Deep Breath.. Like She Wants To Recognize His Smell Among The Air She Just Inhaled.. Thinking....

" Here It's..
I'm At The Same Spot You Where Before..
Despite The Time Difference..
We Would Be At This Same Spot Together..
We Would've Seen The Same Scenes..
We Would've Breathed The Same Air..
It's Like We Would Be Together..
Together In Everything..!

Let Time Go..
Leave It All Behind..
And Just Feel The Freedom..
Feel Nothing But Us..
Now, Nothing Will Hold Us Apart..!

But It's A Different Hour..
Different Minute..
We Are Only Combined By Our Emotions..
6 Hours Before Me You Were Here..
6 Hours After You I Became..
Despite The Time Difference..
We Would've Been Together..
At The Very End..
It's You And I Against Time..!

Will Our Destiny's Collide..?
Will Our Paths Crossed Back Agains..?
Will We Ever Be Together..?!
I Wish I Told You Goodbye.. But I Couldn't..
And Now I Hope To See You Again When Our Times Match..
To Complete Our Goodbyes..
And Then We Can Complete Our Story..! "

A Short Story By Me..

P.s: ( No Time Difference Will Take Us Apart..! )

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