Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodbye Dubai...

Hello Everyone..
Sorry Couldn't Be Able To Post For Almost A Week.. Maybe More.. But For All Who Read My Blog And Who Know Me.. You Know I Was In A Trip To Dubai With Dad And Little sis..

Since My Dad Had A Course There ( Dawra ) And He Wanted Us To Be With Him.. You Know To Have Fun And Be Abroad For A Change :D ( Al9ra7a '3ayrna Jaw Al7mdallah ).. And The Trip Was For Only 5 Days.. But We Had So Much Fun.. Though I Feel I Still Didn't Figure Out The Real Dubai.. And There's Lot Of Places We Didn't Yet Visit.. But Then Again We Had Fun With The Little Time We Had Together ( al7mdallah )...

I Won't Review Our Hotel Cuz I Wouldn't Give It A Fair One.. But All I Can Say Is The Service Was Great.. The Staff Were Amazing.. And Really Loved It There.. Here's The living Room & Bedroom.. And It's A Little Bigger Than What You See With Two Bathrooms :D

Well Since I Haven't Been To Dubai For Along Time.. Lots Of People Recomended A Shopping Places.. We Went To Dubai Mall.. Mall Of The Emirates ( If I'm Not Mistaken With The Name, mall alemarat :P ).. City Cener.. The Dragon Mart..  And Lot Of Other Places.. So Basically Our Trip Was All About Walking.. Shopping.. Walking.. Shopping.. More Walking More Shoppping :P..!! But Who Can Blame Us Sales Where Everywher !! AndYeah Every Girl's Dream To Shop Forever.. ( Thanks Dad For Putting up With Us :p) I Know This Doesn't Cover All Dubai.. I Totally Wanted To Visit Other Places But Time Was Very Short..!

When I Checked The Camera All Of Our Photos Where Taken In Dubai Mall.. And Most Are In The Aquarium.. It Was Really Nice.. But I Wanted To Be In Atlantis " The Lost Champers " Read About Them Before.. But We Canceled That Cuz We Already Saw The Aquarium In Dubai Mall So Next Time Inshallah.. And Here's Some Pics..

If Only You See This Fish's Smile :D ( 7baitha )

Look How Cute They Are :*

And Here's Some Pics In And Out Dubai Mall :

Yes I Totally Feel I Didn't Do Something New.. But We Had So Much Fun.. I Really Knew How Organize I Am.. And How I Take Every Little Detail Seriously, Little Things I Learend About Myself..
Dunno What Else I Can Write Here.. But Last Before We Go To The Airport We Had A Car Drive Around Atlantis It Was Nice.. Next Time Atlantis Will Be My Next Stop :P ( Inshallah )..

P.s : ( Sometimes A Little Getaway Can Be Called An Adventure.. Always Be Gratefull With What You Can Have..! )

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