Saturday, July 16, 2011

Light A Candle..!

Hello World..!

Today's Title Was Inspired By Today's Free Of Electricity Day.. Since For Unknown Reasons The Power Went Off This Afternoon.. But It Didn't Take Long Till It Came Back..

To Be Honest It Was So Frustrating When That Happened At First We didn't Know If It Was Only Our House Or The Whole Neighbourhood.. I Kept Complaining About It.. Cuz It Was Hot.. But I Sat In My Room And My Sisters Came In.. And We Started Talking.. And Laughing.. Teasing Each Other.. Which Is Something We Always Do..But Not That Much Cuz Everyone Is Kinda Busy In Thier Own World..

But The I Realized The House Was So Quiet..! I Hear Nothing But Our Laughes.. Our Voices.. Our Own Presence.. Which Is Somthing I Couldn't Hear That Clearly If Electricity Was alive In Our House..!

Despite The Heat.. It Was Kinda Fun.. And Electricity Came Along After A Short Time.. Yeah Yeah I May Say You Should Try It Some Day.. Well To Be Honest DON'T..!! ( Only If You Had To..! :p )

The Ugly Part Came When The Electricity Went Down Again At 8pm As Far As I Remember.. And It Didn't Come Back Until 2 Am.. Imagine Real Darkness.. And Heat..We Had to Light Candles All Over Our Living Room And Sit Together.. And It Wasn't Only Our House.. Also Few Houses Around Us.. And Yes We Spend Some Quality Time With Mom And Dad.. And  We Also Brought Back Some Of Our Memories..

But That Fun Part Was Only At The First Two Hours.. Then We Couldn't Be That Much Patient..! And We Call Electricity Emergency They Told Us Some Of The Generators Went Down And They Are Fixing It.. Well I Hate That This Happend But Thank God.. And Thank Those People Who Work All This Time To Fix It..

Well .. " I Realized That No Matter How Our Lives Keep Changing Fast.. We May Face Some Interruptions.. And Some Interruptions Won't Hurt..! "

And I also Realized: " Even In The Toughest Darkest Times.. Having A Family Around Can Always Light Up You Life..! " ( al7mdallah )..


P.s: ( When You Think You Life Can't Get Any Worse.. Trust Me It Can..! )


  1. said by the girl who wanted to kill someone :P ?

    even though sometime you think things could not get any worse believe me there will be always something good will came out of it always ;)

  2. LooooooooL Wallah Can 7aaar I Lost It :p
    By The Way I Killed A little Tiny Spider I Found In THe Bathroom ( o entai bkrana) :P

    And Yes There's Always Something Good Come Out From The Bad One :D

  3. Hi there , I don't know what to say but reading your experience made me feel like if I was there.. !
    some times life gets annoying but family and friends will always be there for us ... thanks alot for sharing I really admire your style of writing plz keep it up ;D


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  5. BlackTulip: Awww Thanks Alot You Don't Know How encouraging Reading Such A Sweet Comment Like yours :** inshallah i'll keep it up :D

  6. Baladas Mp3: Thanks Alot That My Blog Is Interested To You.. So Glad To Hear That..
    I will Visit You Blog Inshallah :D I feel Like It's Totally Worth it :D