Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Bad Day...


So I Really Feel Kinda Bad And Not In A Mood To Do Anything .. ( Mt'9ayga 7eel :( )

Don't Have Other Thing To Say..

P.s: ( Even When You Feel Bad.. Some Will Hit You With Words.. Just Don't Let Them Let Them Feel Sorry For What They Do.. You Have Enough To Feel Bad About.. ! )


  1. 7abeeeeeeeebtii!!! 3asaaa ma shaaaaaaaaaaaaaar shfeeeeeeeech?!!!!@@ ;(((

  2. 7bebtii wallaah mashaar :*****
    bs kent yomha 7eeel mt'9aygaa madri shfeni chan aktb hal post :P

  3. ba3aad 3umriiiiii ;(( maykhalif we all have our ups and downs o inshallah ur dayz are always up!!;**

    Love you!!;**

  4. :((((((((

    I'm here if u wanna talk! Skip the song ka2aba!!

  5. oh what's wrong Sis?
    don't ever let sth upset you that much, edenya ma teswa

  6. Gold Medal Ribbon : Inshallah yarab It Get Up For All Of Us :*** Love you To0..

    Slashy : 7yatii Adri Feech Matg9reen :*** Alsong shway sa3dtni To Be A Little Better :D

    Hope : Inshallah Hope I won't Let It Again.. Just Had That Feeling.. o Al7mdallah I'm Good :D