Monday, June 13, 2011

Can I Live With Him..?!


Today I Really Couldn't Get A Good Night Sleep Since I Decided To Stay up Late Watching Movie And Then Reading.. That's When I Decided To Take A Nap Afternoon.. But Couldn't Sleep Either Cuz My Mind Was On.. Thinking Thinking Thinking.. Such A Random Thoughts..!

And The Main Thought Was.. Traditional Marriage ( Zawaj 3n 6areQ Alahel o Alm3aref )..!!
Scary Huh..?!

Not Really..

I've Always Imagined Myself Getting Married After A Love Story.. But Since Some Relationships Now A Days Are Getting So Superficial.. I Started To  Lose Faith In That Love Story.. After All This Is A Real Life Not A Fairy Tale..! So This Leaves One Last Option.. Or Let's Say One Hope Or Chance For Love and Romance Which Is Traditional Marriage..!

I'm Not Against It..! Cuz That's How My Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad,  And Lots Of People I Know Got Married.. I Know That Love Comes With Time ( M3a Al3eshra ).. It's Just.. It Scares Me To Ask Myself : " Will We Understand Each other..? " " Is He Good..?! " And lots And Lots Of Questions I Can't Remember Them Right Now..!

I Know Myself.. I Can Put Up With Everything.. And Anyone.. But Sometimes Some People Take The Nerves Out Of You For Silly Reasons.. And Those People Who I Can't Deal With.. I Give Them The Silence Treatment.. So Heres A Question : " Is He One Of Those People..?! " ( sorry bs fe naw3ya mn alnas mn allah mategdron tet7amlonhom..!!)

Sure Btgololii There's Engagement ( Fatrat Al56oba ).. But How Long Will It Be..?! 2 Months, 3 Or 4..!!
That's Not Enough To Figure Out A Man..!!

So That's Why I Was Totally Not Going For Tradional Marriage..! But When It Actually Happend To Me Few Times.. I Swear It Gave Me This Feeling I've Never Felt Before.. Butterflies In My Stomach.. Being Very Very Shy ( Adri Mo Layeg :P  ).. o0 Mako 9oot Kelsh Kelsh ( 7eel Tharba :p ) lool.. And Ofcourse Trying To Answer The future To Be Husband's Questions .. And Trying To Ask Him Back.. And To Chit Chat For A Little Bit.. And Smiling Every Once and A While to Impress Everyone..! Lovely Situation.. ( Comedy Scene Wallah )

But Despite All That.. The First Question That Comes to My Mind Is.. " Can I Live With Him..?! " I Know Most People Told Me.. If He Is The One ( Ya3ni N9ebch Ra7 twafQeen 3ala 6ool o sb7an Allah kelshay ytsahal ) Or ( 9alai EsteKharah o Inshallah T3rfen Etha Mrta7tla or la ) I Know All That But What If I Still Have Those Doubts..?

So Does This Mean That I Prefer to Marry Someone I Love.. Yeah I Still Do.. Well In My Defence.. I'll Know At Least What Type Of Man I'm Dealing With.. And I'll Know Him Better, And Know That There Are Things That Can Cover His Mistakes Or Flaws.. Instead Of Someone I Totally Don't Know Only By Time I Will..

You Gonna Tell Me It's Nice To Figure Out Each Other Every Single Day.. Yeah It's Nice The Discovering And Getting to Know Each Other.. And Every Day Is A Surprise Itself.. But Not Every Surprise Can Make You Happy..!!

Anyway, Talking About Both Type Of Marriages Won't Stop Cuz They Both Have Advntages And Disadvantages.. Some People Will Prefer One And Others Will Defend The Other.. I'm Just Sharing My Own Thoughts..

At The Very End.. I'm Not In Love.. And There's No Traditional Marriage Proposal On The Way.. So Al7mdallah I'm Relaxed.. I Will Never Know What's Gonna Happen Next.. All I Know Is I'm Ready To Adjust With How My Life Goes..!

P.s: ( Thanks For Reading.. :D Share You Thoughts If You Have One..! )

Ooh One More Last Thing I Felt This Song Can Fit With What You Previously Read :P So Enjoy..

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