Saturday, June 18, 2011

You Can Run.. You Can Hide.. But You Can't Escape My Love..!!

Hello ..

Wierd Tittle Right..?!
Anyway.. Yesteday Was Friday.. So I Guess If You Are A Twitter Person You Will Understand What #FF Means.. And For Who Are Not Fimiliar With It.. It Called Follow Friday.. Where You Suggest Who You Think A Great Tweep Who Deserve To Be Followed..

Anyway I Was Doing That Yesterday It Was Totally Madness.. Cuz Had Lots Of People Who Really Deserve It.. And Sorry For That Followers.. It's Just The Thing Is.. I Had This Thought When I First Started My Twitter Account..

I Was First Inspired By A Blogger.. And Created My Twitter Account Then My Blog.. But At First I Wanted My Twitter World To Be Completely Apart From My Real One.. Didn't Know Why At First.. But Then.. I Really Wanted To Know If Am I Able To Have Friends And Start From The Beginning.. And Al7mdallah I Started To Have Amazing People Around Me.. And I Was Sure I Was Able To Have Friends Even Though Nothing Unite Us But Words..!

That's When I Decided To Combined My Real World With My Virtual World.. And It Went Great.. The Reason Why I'm Writing This Is Cuz I'm A Very Shy Person In Real Life.. I Wouldn't Make Such A Big Number Of Friendships.. It's True I Have Few Best Friends.. But Now I Don't I Have Alot Al7mdallah.. So I'm Not Only Proud Of Me For Being Able To Have You Guys.. But I'm Also Glad That I Got The Chance To Know You All..

" Dear Tweeps.. We May Only Have Been Connected By Words.. But Words Are Powerful.. They Get Us Through The Walls Surounding Our Personalities.. So Thanks For Being My " Friends By Words "..! "

And My Real Friends In Real Life.. I Will Never Take You For Granted And You That..!

You All Were There When I Needed You The Most.. So Whether You Like It Or Not.. I Love You All.. *Big Hugs* You Really Make My Life Easier And Make Me Realize How Life Is.. And You Make Me The Person I'm Today.. 3asa Allah y5alekom Ley o lay7rmni Menkom :**

And Those Words For Old and New Friends.. Luv Ya All <33 :**

P.s: ( If You Think You Are A Friend Of Mine,, Those Words Will Mean Something To Ya..! So It Could Be You Who I'm Writing About.. :D Luv You Guys Ya 3asani Man7rem :D )