Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Can't Read While The Car Is Moving..?!!!


It Was Not So Long Ago When I Discovered That I Feel Sick When I Read While The Car Is Moving.. It Sucks..!!
Seriously That's Why I Avoid Reading In The Car.. It's True It Doesn't Happen Everytime.. But when It Happens I Feel Sick .. And That Gets To My Mood To0..!

Maybe We Are so Fimiliar With Seasickness.. But Motion Sickness Or Travel Sickness Isn't Only About Sea.. It's : "  A Condition In Which A Disagreement Exists Between Visually Perceived Movement And The  Vestibular System's  Sense Of Movement. Depending On The Cause It Can Also Be Referred To As  Seasickness , Car Sickness, Simulation Sickness or Airsickness. " Via Wikipedia

So Why It Happens..?! Easy To Explain..

Motion Sickness Occurs When Our Sense Of Balance And Equilibrium Are Disturbed, So When You Read While Moving You Send Confusing Messages To Your Brain Making You Feel Sick. Your Eyes, Which Are Looking At Whatever You Are Reading, Rather Than The Moving Scene. While You Already Know That You Are Moving..!

So It's Simple.. It Happens Cuz Your Brain Is Focusing On Too Many Things At Once.. So If You Have That What U Are Reading In The Car Should Wait..!

Ps: ( I Read while I Am On The Passenger Seat Not while Driving..! :P )

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