Sunday, May 29, 2011

Controversy Novel..

I Think Most Of You.. Read About The " Controversy " A Novel Written By: Hamad Homoud AlOtaibi..
Thanks To Many Blogs Who Wrote About It.. Providing An Intro About The Novel And Instructions How To Get It..

I First Knew About The Book Accidentally In Twitter.. And Waited For The Release Date.. I'm Not The Kinda Person Who Read Lots Of Books.. But I Love To Read Stories Or Let's Say Novels.. That's Why I Ordered The Book..

The Book Was Within My Hands In Such A Short Notice.. And I'm Gratefull For That..

Anyway.. I Loved The Novel.. It Was Simple And Realistic.. I Loved How Each Chapter Was Short But Gives You The Details You Need To Know In A Breif Way..With Different 4 Main Characters That You Might Find Yourself In One Of Them .. Yes It Was A Short Novel.. The Two Things I Loved Where..

1- The Novel Doesn't End At The 152 Page.. No Cuz It Will End Leaving You with A Big Question Mark.. So It's A Mystery.. And Ofcourse We Need To Solve it..!

2- The Second Thing Is.. That We Won't solve That Mystery Ourselves.. Cuz There will Be Another Part For The " Controversy " Novel Inshallaa :D

So I Got The Last Info From @ControversyBook Official Account On Twitter.. And I Was Told.. That It Might Take A While.. But The Time Will Be Worth It.. Cuz It will Be Long.. ( Inshallaah)..

I'm So Excited ... Cuz I Really Really Loved It.. And So Curious To Know What's Next..
And Thanks To Hamad AlOtaibi (The Writer )For His Efforts.. Good Luck With This Novel.. And Other Novels To Come.. ( Again Inshallaah ) :D

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