Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop Misjudging Me..!!


I'm So Ordinary Girl..With Normal Close To Boring Life.. But I Do Have Wild Fool Moments To0.. I Have My Ups And Downs..  My Laughs And Tears.. Well I Have My Own life To Deal With.. But I'm Still Not That Kinda Girl Who Go Out Much.. Or Get Crazy Or Get Out Of Control, or Even Cross Lines..

Why I'm Writting This.. It's Because Someone Did Misjudged Me Once.. And That Someone Judged Me For Exactly Few Minutes.. And What Matters Is That Mini-Short Minutes Doesn't Give you The Right To Make A Close To Reality Judgment About Anybody..! But There You Go.. You Judged Who I am and Who I'm With.. And You Already Not Good At That..!

So I'm Not Here To Explain Why.. Cuz you Didn't Give Me A Chance When You Misjudged Me, So I'm Not Gonna Excuse Myself To You.. Cuz I Read Once.. " You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression..! "

So I Didn't Fit Your Standrds When You First Saw Me.. As you Didn't Fit Mine When You Think Of Me The Way You Did..

So Plz Next Time, Dont Judge Anyone.. Why..?! It's Simple Cuz You Might just Be Wrong.. And You Might Miss The Chance To Meet Someone Good..! Miss Someone You Couldn't Break Through From The First Sight.. Cuz Sweety You Need To Dig The rocks Deeper To Find Diamonds.. You Don't Just Find Them It's Never That Easy..

P.s: Dear Someone I Forgive you.. Cuz It's Just Me An Ordinary Girl ..That You just Can't Handle..! ;)


  1. well , first of all welcome to our society :)
    recently , we are judging over your voice tune , your outfit and of course as you said over the people around you. and 90% of the time we are misjudging others ( not all of us of course ) . So my advice here is to beleive in what you are . Just believe in yourself , regardless of what others believe :)

  2. True.. but It's Just Not Fair That's All..!
    And Thanks For welcoming Me :D
    And I'm Being Me.. Despite What Others Say :D

  3. so many people claim to not judge books by their covers, but as u said and witnessed, judgments are made and passed without a hint of consideration. that is the human condition, no matter how hard we all try to fight it or resist it, we all give in to it at one point or another.

    i have a saying for such situations, u cant satisfy everybody, so dont try to satisfy anybody (except urself).

  4. That's What I'm Trying To do .. Cuz Don't Care About others Judments Anymore.. Thanks for Stepping By.. Glad I Read From You