Monday, May 23, 2011

Hamlet The Play..

Hello World...

Today I Got The Chance To Go To My Little Sis's School " AL-Esra'a High School"  And Attend " Hamlet " Play Which Was Prepared By Her Class Under The Supervision Of Her English Teacher Miss Mona..

Who Doesn't Know The Famous Phrase " To Be Or Not To Be, That Is The Question..!" Which Is  Quoted From Hamlet Written By William Shakespeare..

To Be Honest I Heard About This Story But Never Did I Read It Or Watched It As Movie Or Play .. But Today I Did..

After Weeks Of Prepration And Rehearsals.. Comes The Day Where All The Efforts And Time Spend To Gain Credit.. The Decorations And Customs Were Simple But They Gave A Great View About How Life Was At That Century..   I Was Really Surprised By The Girls Acting Skills.. Really They Did A Great Job.. With Great British Accent.. And They Did All That Infront Of  Some English Department Heads, Parents, Family Members and Teachers..

And The English Department Head Took The Chance At The End Of The Play .. To Thank Everyone In The Play And Also Praise Thier Effort To Make It Go Well.. And That's When I Saw The Relief At The Teachers  In Charge , Happiness On The Girls Faces.. And The Proud Look On The Parents..

So A Big Claps For All The Girls Who Were In That Play.. You Really Did An Amazing job..!

My Sis Did Pretty Much Great Job.. she Played Horatio Hamlet's Friend  I Was Afraid That At Some Point She Missed up A word Or Something  bs Ashwa Al7mdallah She didn't :P,, !

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